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*** Moldovan countryside !!! Be guest at my cousin's guesthouse in the village of Krasnaya Besarabka. Simple organic food, honey and wine, virgin Nature and people. Walking, reading, farming and soon horseriding. [Details]

Accommodation in Chisinau / Kishinev

Chisinau train station

Private rooms and dorms with 2, 3 and 4 beds from 220 lei per bed per night (approx.. 18 USD). You may take a shower here with 22 lei (approx. 2 USD). Clean and quite, good location.

Apartments and shared rooms

My friends and I can avail you a bed or a room in our flats from 10 USD per night. Live like a local and make friends with Moldovan people. More at Marisha's apartment and Other valuable accommodation in Moldova


Hotel "Zarea" is the cheapest in the centre of Chisinau (4, Anton Pann street). Beds from 8 USD per night. Book a room by fax: (+37322) 22-06-58.

Hotel "Turist" is situated in the centre of Chisinau very close to the Economic University. Single rooms are from 20 EURO per night. More comfortable single rooms are at 40 EURO a night. You may book a room by fax: (+37322) 22-05-12

Zimbru hotel in ChisinauHotel Zimbru is a charming hotel situated just near to the famous Gates of Chisinau. It is one of the structures of the sport complex of the "Zimbru" football club. Staying here will give you an opportunity to observe the everyday activity of the famouse players of this Moldovan FC, as well as, to using the sport and spa facilities of the hotel. Rooms from 55 Euro a night.

Villas and mini-hotels

"Mini" hotel is a net of small villas located in different parts of the town - Botanica, Buiucani and in the downtown. Double rooms from 50 USD per night (breakfast included). Addittional facilities: sauna with swimming pool, billiard, massage room.

"Villa Verde" is located on 110 Grenoble street in a quite area of Botanica district. 15 minutes by minibus or troleybus to the downtown. Single rooms from 50 USD, doubles from 60 USD and rooms with 3 beds from 75 USD per night (breakfast included). Call at (+373 22) 72 84 19, 79 61 63. Book at fax: (+ 373 22) 280 479 or at email:

"Viter Vize" hotel is located on Buiucani area not far from Aventura Park and MoldExpo Centre. Rooms from 50 USD a night. Make a booking by fax: (+37322) 71-91-24

"Villa Natali" located in the very heart of the downtown behind the Parliament of Moldova on 15, Sfatul Tarii street. Single rooms from 55 Euro, double and twin rooms from 70 Euro a night (breakfast included). Make your booking at fax: (+37322) 23-88-37 or email:

"Luna" hotel located on 4, Berzarino street in one of the most silent central areas of Chisinau. Single rooms from 60 Euro and doubles from 85 Euro per night (breakfast included). For information and room reservation, please, contact them at tel: (+37322) 23-35-23 or fax: (+37322) 23 35 22 or email:

VIS PAS hotel is located in the very centre of Chisinau on 26 Lapusneanu street. Rooms from 80 USD per night. Reservation at: Tel: (+37322) 242 -129, Fax: (+37322) 210 - 515, email:

"Jazz" hotel is located in the heart of Chisinau near the "Chekhov" Theatre and Sun City shopping mall on 72, Vlaicu Pircalab street. Well furnished singles from 70 Euro and doubles from 100 Euro a night (breakfast included). The hotel boards JAZZ restaurant, JAZZ cafe-bistro, 24/24 Internet acces in every room. Make the booking by fax: (+ 373 22) 21 33 79 or E-mail:

"Passepartout" is a very small hotel having 2 double rooms on the second floor of the "Passepartout" restaurant. Is situated on 62, Kogalniceanu street in the area full of students of the State University. Cheapest room is 40 Euro a night and may accommodate a couple. Make booking at fax: (+37322) 27-82-37 or email:



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