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"Your Friends in Moldova"
Historical page of the project :)

Archive 2004

30 December - 3 January
5 days trip by car down from the north to the south of Moldova with my Belgian guests. Stops in Briceni, Calarasheuca monastery, Soroca, Orheiul Vechi, Ivancha, Cricova, Chisinau / Kishinev, Tighina / Bender, Tiraspol, Noul Neamt, Cojusna wine cellar, Capriana monastery

November, 2004

New service added. Now you may rent a cellphone in Chisinau to keep in touch with your friends and relatives in Moldova and abroad.
More ...

November, 2004

Added new offers of budget accommodation directly from the hostesses. Violeta's and Tamara's flats. [Tamara's flat is not available any more as she wanted to stop our agreements, working on her own and becoming my competitor]


November, 2004

Virginia has joined my site with the offer of her flat in the Center of the City and articles about Moldova. Read her first article "Eiffel’s bride in Moldova!"

9-10 October, 2004

Wine Festival in Moldova.

July - September, 2004

I had a wonderful working holiday at Uncle Pasha's dacha. Dacha is situated at the left bank of the river Volga near Staritza city in Tver region. My company was: 3 adult and 3 baby horses, a very noisy and funny dog Glasha who recently gave born to 7 black funny puppies, a chicken, many interesting foreign and muscovite guests and local aborigines. Funny and real stories about life in rural Russia very soon. Also at http://www.russian-horse-rides.com/ .

13 June, 2004

Radu Poklitaru - Moldovan choreographer, whose "Romeo and Juliet" performance with Dunnellan captured Bolishoy Theater is visiting us. 

9 June, 2004

Cultural and religious heritage of Moldova. Monasteries and fortresses. Read about Tighina & Soroca fortresses, Hermitage of Orheiul Vechi and Tipova, as well as Capriana, Rudi, Saharna, Japca and Noul Neamt monasteries 

27 May, 2004

Read comments from Andy about Moldova and Transdnister. Find many interesting things from him about his last visits of Croatia, Transylvania and Yugoslavia, Romania, Kiev


15-16 May, 2004

Added story at Rural Moldova

Quite and virgin place - Besarabca 


9 May, 2004

Added Practical Information for Moldova

March, 2004 

Visit of Moldova by Uncle Pasha. Birth of this site.

Read the story about his trip from Moscow to Chisinau / Kishinev by train 

February, 2004

Visit to Uncle Pasha's Dacha on the Volga

This is me during a recent visit to Uncle Pasha's Dacha on the Volga, near Staritsa, between Moscow and St. Petersburg - see http://www.russian-horse-rides.com/. Uncle Pasha, a guru in the field of Russian travel, work, and living, is the one to blame for making me quit my respectable job as a human resource manager and embark on this project of making Moldova shine bright in the information space, but that's [another story]



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