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Archive 2005

New of the project and our website

11 December, 2005

Books and articles about Moldova in English and by foreign authors

6 December, 2005

"The Ex-soviet state where communism is quietly thriving" and "The tiny state where the hammer and sickle still fly" - articles published by comrade Christopher James in the Morning Star after visiting Moldova and Transdniestr this September.

27 November, 2005

What is needed to marry a Moldovan girl here in Moldova. Page is in work, your experience and advises are welcome...

25 November, 2005

Moldova by bike One of the stops done this September by Jacob and Phillip on their bike trip starting in Helsinki Finland and continuing south through the Baltic and former Soviet counties of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania.

Eddie's holiday in Moldova new chapters added to the story (sorry, the story was taken off the website asked by the writer of it. Please, contact Eddie directly at eddie.barton@btinternet.com for updates)

17 November, 2005

Added Hotel Zimbru to the list of accommodations in Chisinau. A charming hotel situated just near to the famous Gates of Chisinau.

7 November, 2005

Added Janna's studio at Botanica area of Chisinau to the list of basic accommodations in Moldova


Visa support page. From now on foreign visitors may be registered within an hour at the office of the Department of Informational Technologies on Cogalniceanu street in Chisinau


online interactive maps of Chisinau and Moldova added to Links on Moldovan Web

October, 1-15 2005

Foreign citizens can get their Moldovan visa for free for the period of one week before and after the Wine Festival. The Festival will take place on 08.10 - 09.10 on the main square of Chisinau. Program of the festival

August, 2005

New hostel added. Hostel "Afena" in Lviv, Ukraine. New, nice and clean hostel, with a very friendly staff, situated on Chornovola prospect 15 minutes walk from the Opera house.

July - November, 2005

Calendar of cultural events from Moldova (copied from http://www.turism.md)

July, 2005

Added new offers of budget accommodation directly from the hostesses in Soroca, Tiraspol and Balti.

1 May, 2005

By the will of God or a simple coincidence the Holly day of the Easter clashed with the International day of Labour in this sunny day of Sunday, May,1. I guess that many will go first to the church to baptize their Easter cake and red eggs and would have their holly meal with their family (Easter tradition) early in the morning and than go to the forest for a shashlik or barbecue with their friends (Labour day tradition) later in the afternoon or next day.

"Christ has arisen! and Happy Labour Day, comrades" :)))

8 March, 2005

Women day in Moldova. A very special day for all women in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Romania and some other countries that belonged to the Soviet Union camp.

1 March, 2005

"Martisor" - the first day of Spring celebration - in Moldova.

12 - 15 February, 2005

Project New Life - Father Bill Haymaker has been serving children in crisis for over 20 years. He has visited Moldova in February 2005 and tells to other people about the needs in this area. Children in prison, homeless children, children who are treated as sexual toys and traded and shipped around the world, children with correctable physical deformities, starving children at the countryside.
http://pnlbudesti.blogspot.com/ - The village of Budesti: about the village, meet Natalia, young people of Budesti, the cemetery, the local priest, a family of five children trying to survive, the mayor and her community center.

10-12 February, 2005

Took place the International Exhibition on "Tourism. Leisure - 2005" and "Sports Show - 2005" at MoldExpo, Chisinau, Moldova.

Read report on the results of the exhibition on the site of its organiser http://www.moldexpo.md/sport/itog_e.html

2 February, 2005

Transnistria and Moldova attracts foreign media. Read the content of the program on Transnistria and Moldova on BBC television here.

"Places that don't exist" by Simon Reeve, BBC journalist.

6 January , 2005

Pasha, the creative force that got my Moldova project started, is on his way here some time between now and March 2005. Watch for a detailed report on traveling from Moscow to Chisinau with a stopover in Kiev, Lvov, Tiraspol. Read here.

30 December - 3 January

5 days trip by car down from the north to the south of Moldova with my Belgian guests. Stops in Briceni, Calarasheuca monastery, Soroca, Orheiul Vechi, Ivancha, Cricova, Chisinau / Kishinev, Tighina / Bender, Tiraspol, Noul Neamt, Cojusna wine cellar, Capriana monastery




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