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Republic Moldau, german travel guide Republic Moldaw, Travel guide about Moldova in German by Wolfgang Orians and Andreas Salewski
Travel guide about Moldova in German language. Visit the website of the authors to get your copy and for more information on their trip to Moldova in German
Trafficked by Kim PurcellTrafficked by Kim Purcell (published by Penguin Group in February 2012)
Hannah is an ordinary teenager growing up in Moldova until her parents are killed in a terrorist bombing. While she�s still mourning the loss, she gets an offer that sounds too good to be true: a job as a nanny for a Russian family in Los Angeles.
At first, it seems like her luck has finally turned around, but life with the Platonovs quickly spirals into a nightmare. Lillian, the mother, forces Hannah to work sixteen-hour days cleaning, and won�t let her leave the house. Sergey, the father, is full of secrets. And they refuse to pay Hannah.
Stranded in a foreign land with false documents, no money, and nobody who can help her, Hannah has become a modern-day slave. And the more Hannah unravels this family�s terrible secrets, the more her life�and her family back home�are in grave danger. Desperate and lonely, she reaches out to the boy next door. But in the end, the only one who can save Hannah is herself.
You can buy your copy of Trafficked with Amazon and Barnes&Noble.
The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner (first published in January, 2008)
Eric is an American writer who traveled to different countries to find out why people in some consider themselves to be a happy nation, while in others not. Moldova was one of the countries where people think of themselves as unhappy nation. Did he find people in Moldova happy or sad? And how does Eric find Moldova and Moldovans. More in the book which can be ordered via or Eric Weiner website
Playing the Moldovans at Tennis by Tony Hawks
Tony Hawks is an English comedian who once bet a friend that he can beat the entire Moldovan national football team at a game of tennis.
"All I knew about Moldova were the names of eleven men printed on the inside back page of my newspaper. None of them sounded to me like they were any good at tennis"
At stake - full nudity and a severe test of Romanian singing skills.
First published in Great Britain in 2000. Order this and other books of Tony Hawks
New Europe by Michael Palin
MichaelPalin, the Former Monty Python star is traveling around the New Europe, visiting Moldova and Transdniestr among others.
"Day Forty-six: Chisinau, Moldova
I look out of my hotel window in downtown Chisinau (pronounced Kish-i-now), expecting a panorama of Soviet drabness but all I can see is a sylvan carpet stretching across the city. Below me is a park, full of fine, tall trees, into which people are disappearing with various bits of equipment. I mean to ask the staff what's going on but they don't encourage contact." More of the book and photos find on Michael's website
Lonely Planet "EUROPE ON A SHOESTRING", 5th edition, March 2007
Lonely Planet "ROMANIA & MOLDOVA" by Leif Peterson, May 2007
A lot of information about Romania, but only few pages on Moldova and Transdniestr
Lost Province - Adventures In A Moldovan Family by Stephen Henighan
Moldova described by a Canadian author who lived with a Moldovan family as an English teacher. As a Westerner in this "lost province" and former Soviet republic, Henighan feels he's an unnerving disappointment for many Moldovans, especially to the MTV-addicted, twenty-year-old Andrei. The author doesn't own his own home, is unable to use his English to communicate with singer Michael Jackson, and has inadequate knowledge of the prices of the latest North American gadgets. As a Canadian, Henighan feels at home in this nation adrift. There is interesting information about the tremendous difficulties and politics of language.
"The Moldovans and subtitled: Romania, Russia and the Politics of Culture" by Charles King
This American Assistant Professor was part funded by Oxford University to produce the most authoritative examination of Moldova and its history. A review of the history of Moldova up to, during, and after the transition to independence from the Soviet Union. While replete with scholarly notes and bibliography, it is also readily accessable to the non-specialist seeking to understand this very interesting country.

Homeland Book of the Bessarabian Germans (Paperback) by Albert Kern
is a must read for anyone whose ancestors were born or lived in Bessarabia. Those Germans from Russia whose direct line does not stem from Bessarabia will also benefit from the insight written by many people of the area. The descriptive writings about the history, immigration, and then the resettlement during World War II, grips you with the smell of the earth, the blue of the sky, and the wrenching sadness, when they must leave their land, home, animals and all they possess. The articles on more than 100 colonies and estates, are written by the people who lived and served in various capacities in the area. The voices of experience and daily living, pictures of homes, churches, and colony life. It includes one of the best lists of site locations of German Parishes in Bessarabia. The Honor List of Missing in Action and Deaths in WWI and WWII lists hundreds and hundreds of names of sons and fathers of all the various colonies.

Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories (The Jewish Genealogy Series) by Miriam Weiner
Miriam Weiner, a courageous and brilliant historian and archivist, has haunted the archives of Eastern Europe, painstakingly piecing together the world that was. Here she has memorialized hundreds of shtetls and towns through document examples and photographs.
In addition to providing the first tangible inventory of what the regional archives hold, in regard to the history of Jewish families, this book gives a wonderful pictorial overview of the area. It does so by providing photos of the places the families inhabited in the past, contrasted, in many instances, with how those same places appear now. The vivid past jumps off the pages of this beautifully formatted book, just as the lure of the book's vast archive document inventory tempts the reader with its research possibilities for the future. This book is a must for anyone contemplating research into their family history in Ukraine and Moldova, and a treasure for those who are merely curious about the world Jewish ancestors lived in and left behind.

Easter in Kishinev: Anatomy of a Pogrom (Reappraisals in Jewish Social and Intellectual History) by Edward H. Judge
Judge's book covers the Kishinev pogrom of 1903. In seven chapters, the author lays out the background of the Jewish question in Russia, profiles the city of Kishinev, narrates the events leading up to and included in the pogrom, and analyzes its causes and effects

Bessarabia and Bukovina (Publisher: East European Monographs, October, 1983 ) / Moldova and the Transdnestr Republic (East European Monographs, September, 2001) by Nicolas Dima
Nicholas Dima provides a concise historical background of Moldova from its years as a territory of the Soviet empire to the post-Soviet era. The core of the book details the political upheaval of the 1980s, the independence of Moldova. Dima blaims Moscow attempting to regain its former geopolitical power by means of assistance to the self-proclaimed Transdnestr region of Moldova.

The Gagauz (Peoples of the Caucasus Handbooks) (Hardcover)by Harun Gungor, Mustafa Argunsah


A travel article about Moldova and Transdniestr in Lythuanian by Vytautas Bukauskas one of our guests in Chisinau

Cecilia, one of our customers has got a travel blog where she writes about her travel trips to Moldova she made in autumn 2013 and spring 2014. Great photos of Chisinau, May Day parade in Tiraspol and rural countryside in Moldova.

10 top Eastern European destination recommended by Lonely Planet. At number 4 is Orheiul Vechi site and monastery in Moldova. Read more on Lovely Planet page

"The Ex-soviet state where communism is quietly thriving" and "The tiny state where the hammer and sickle still fly" by Christopher James, Morning Star, December 2005.

"Transdniestr: the country that doesn't exist" by Nick Bradshow, Esquire magazine, July 2005

"Organ traffic in Moldova: livers lost" by Martin Adler, Swedish magazine "Grande reportagem", 12 March, 2005

Holidays in the danger zone: places that don't exist. BBC television programme on Transnistria and Moldova, 2 February, 2005

April 1903: the Kishinev pogrom. An article from: Midstream by Yehuda Khaver

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