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Orheiul Vechi

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Hermitage in Butuceni

(Orhei district)

Along with churches and monasteries on the territory of Moldova, of particular importance were small and secluded monasteries, hermitages and cloisters cut in a rock on the banks of the Dniester and of the Raut. As a rule, they played a special role in a medieval architecture, being both religious and refuge places during the times of adversity.

Hermitage in Butuceni was established in the XIth century and is one of the most ancient cave monument located in the neighborhood of Orheiul Vechi (an ancient settlement sprang up in the Paleolithic epoch), near the  village of Butuceni, 17 km from the town Orhei.

The hermitage of Butuceni, cut in limestone at a considerable height at the top of a rock, had its exit in ancient times on the side of the Raut-river, caved in the XIIIth century. In the old chronicle which reached our time it is said that the "pircalab" (chief of a district or commander of a fortress in medieval Moldova) of Orhei Bosie set up here a monastery in 1675. According to its lay-out the St. Nicholas cave Church (1675) is a space divided into3 parts communicating with cells through a narrow tunnel. The interior, devoid of geometrical right lines, makes an impression of a smooth transition from one voluminous space into another. In the church apse there is an altar and a narrow tunnel communicating with a terrace of the rock. Light penetrates into the hermitage through rectangular entrance doors hewn out of the stone. To provide access to the hermitage in the XIXth century, the inhabitants dug through a tunnel from Butuceni which made it possible to get to the chapel.

At present hermitage of Butuceni makes a part of the national park and historical complex "Orheiul Vechi"


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