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Capriana monastery

Capriana monastery. Lake at the entrance.The Capriana Monastery is situated at the margin of a big forest between the villages Strasheni and Capriana on the river Ishnovatz not far from Chisinau. It was founded in the XVth century during the rule of Alexandru cel Bun and reconstructed by Stefan the Great in 1470. The ensemble includes the Churches of Virgin's Assumption (1545), Saint Nicholas (1840) and Saint George (1907) which abut the abbot's house, the refectory and cells. 

Virgin's Assumption ChurchThe most ancient is the Virgin's Assumption Church founded by Petru Rares. It has a triconchal layout consisting of narthex, naos and apse. After reconstruction in 1820 by Metropolit G. Banulescu-Bodoni it kept unchanged only the decorative apses with arcature and the walls down to the socle level. In the course of construction a bell-house with a pyramidal roof and an octagonal dome with a bulbous turret over the naos were built. 

During the post-war period The Assumption Monastery was neglected and the restoration was started in the 90's of our century. The Metropolitan of Moldova G. Banulescu-Bodoni was buried here. 



Other views of the monestery

From the top of the hill.
Internal gates with hunting image
Paths inside of the monastery
View of the Capriana monastery from the top of the hill
"Moldovan nobil hunting" - drawing on the gates inside of the monastery
Path to the Virgin's Assumption Church
Assumption church inside. Cupola.
Golden candelabrum
Cross in the window
Faces of the apostles looking from the heavens
Golden candelabrums light up the Virgin's Assumption church
Crosses in the church's windows
Saint Ioan Saint Lucas Saint Markus Saint Matheus
Saint Ioan
Saint Lucas
Saint Marcus
Saint Matheus



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