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I may be your travel companion, guide and interpretor in Chisinau, Moldova and other places within easy access to Chisinau which I know well, where I have friends, know the language etc.:
Romania | Odessa | Kiev || Crimea | Moscow | Tver

30 Euro per day (within Moldova) and 50 Euro a day (for out-of-Moldova assignments) plus travel expenses, food and basic lodging for a knowledgeable travel companion. No overtime or weekend charge.


Recommending Romania as a tourist destination may involve many disclaimers. I will not go as far as suggest you to visit Romania for pleasure. If, however, you have specific business, academic, or personal interest in Romania, I can be of assistance in Romania's challenging environment. I speak Romanian (which is essentially the same as Moldovan), have several friends in Bucharest, and generally feel comfortable anywhere in Romania from Bucharest to factory town to the countryside. Consider hiring me as an assistant for your projects related to Romania. I can either accompany you, or go there myself on your behalf, or try to get the job done via my friends there.

Are you looking for a place to do business? Romania, having suffered from 25 years of dictatorship, was further set back as a result of the change in the regime in 1989. Now, however, it is showing convincing signs of being on the way to recovery. At the same time it remains quite cheap. I am no investment consultant but I will go as far as to say the Romania may be worth considering.

If you are looking for a place to go to with a humanitarian mission, Romania's children are definitely in need of help. I have a personal interest in the subject of helping orphans, and will be glad to be of assistance in making sure your aid reaches its destination and is used as intended. I have no fear to going less than appetizing places and getting my hands dirty. Talk to me if you are out to improve the world or at least a tiny part thereof.

If you come to Romania just as a tourist, you will enjoy the Transylvanian mountains and have your nerves ticked by visiting the castle of Vlad the Impaler, the historic prototype of Count Dracula.

Bucovina with it's marvelous landscapes, monasteries and resorts is a good place to come in the summer. Sucevita, Moldovita, Arbore, Humor, Voronet, Putna, Dragomirna are the most important at the south of Bucovina. - webpage about Bucovina, places to see. Only in Romanian.

Some other nice monasteries in Tārgu Neamt area: Neamt, Varatec, Sihastrie, Secu, Agapia.

I can help you to plot an itinerary and assist with technicalities such as buying tickets of arranging for a place to stay. If you travel as a small group consider hiring me or my friend Virginia. We will be able to make transportation and accommodation arrangements on the spot if you prefer not to be bound by fixes schedules.


with a copy to
t.katya [at]  mail [dot] ru
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