Discover Moldova

WWII war memorial Eternitatea
Chisinau town, the capital of Moldova
Chisinau is the capital of Moldova and a very modern green and cozy town in the center of our rural country. Places of interest: historical center of Chisinau with its administrative and cultural edifices along the main boulevard of Stefan cel Mare, the main square of the General National Meeting, public parks, churches and museums of the city, Central Market and the market of crafts and souvenirs, W.W.II memorial Eternitatea. Close to Chisinau is the world famous wineries of Cricova and Milestii Mici.
Republic of Transdniestr
The Breakaway Republic of Transdniestr, Tiraspol and Bender
Transdniestr / Transnistria / Pridnestrovie is known by foreign travelers as the museum in the open-air of Communism and Soviet Union, with many Soviet relics on the main streets of its industrial towns and also for being a state that does not exist. Tiraspol and Bender are the two biggest towns that lay in close proximity to each other. Places of interest: 25 October street in the center of Tiraspol with monuments of the father of the communism Vladimir Lenin, House of Soviets, war memorials and University building, Sheriff football ground on the outskirts of Tiraspol, Medieval fortress in Bender town, war memorial and war cemetery, as well as, various reminding of the visit of the Swedish king Carol who’s been stationing in Bender in the XVIII century.
milestii mici 008
Moldova’s famous wineries
Moldova is an agrarian country with a nice warm climate and rich soil. We grape good vine grapes here and make our own wine. Our biggest wineries at Milestii Mici and Cricova are one of the biggest underground wineries in the world and worth a visit if not for a taste of wine then for a cool escape from the scorching sun into the underground wine town. Smaller wineries of Purcari and Chateau Vartley with gorgeous surrounding countryside are worth a visit too
Orheiul Vechi Unesco site
Orheiul Vechi site
Orheiul Vechi is a grade V and VII UNESCO’s heritage site and is a complex of historical and architectural monuments located in the area of an amazing beauty formed by the narrow stream (path) of the Raut river. The site includes remnants of various ancient monuments and buildings, a cave monastery in a cliff, ethnographic museum in Butuceni village. There are a couple of guesthouses in the nearby villages where one can experience rural life and traditional food of Moldova. Orheiul Vechi is home to Ethnographical musical festival Gustart that takes place at the end of August
Gagauzia road sign
Gagauzia with its capital in Comrat
Gagauzia is an autonomous region in Moldova inhabited by gagauzian majority with their unique language, culture and traditions. Originaly decendants from Turks they’ve migrated from Bulgaria settling down in what is nowadays Gagauzia converting from Islam into Orthodox religion. Places of interested the town of Comrat and the ethnographic museum in Besalma village. Accommodation in Gagauzia. Private transfers to Gagauzia and around Moldova