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*** Moldovan countryside !!! My cousin and her family invites you to stay at their house in a very small calm village of Transdniestr, Bessarabka, where you may take active part in their every day life, share food and wine with them and enjoy the beauty of our nature. Couples and families can stay with a special price at us.


Eiffel's bridge in Moldova

Eiffel was invited in Besarabia (Moldova) in 1876 by Railway Department. After the spring flooding of the river Prut, and the railway bridge was almost destroyed. Arrived in Bessarabia, Eiffel rebuild and almost entirely redesigned the bridge. Thus this bridge linked tight Romania and Moldova. It is doubtful you could touch this bridge (it is still a strategically construction under supervision of frontier guard), but to make photo of it - no problem. The bridge is situated in the Ungheni city, near to the border with Romania.

At the Ungheni railway station two railway world meets - narrow gauge and broad gauge. Gauge was change three times in Ungheni during its history! From 1918 till 1940, when the Ungheni railway station was under Romanian jurisdiction, it was named Vasile Lupu station (after on of the Gospodar, king of Moldova) the gauge was for the first time, and transformed to narrower one. In July, 1940, when the territory goes to Russia, the narrow gauge was changed to broad one and the Ungheni name is returned to railway station. Just in one year, in 1941 again name changes and returned to narrow gauge. In 1944 when Russian troops came in region again changes both name and gauge, which remain till now Unghni city and broad gauge.

Ungheni city was established in 1693. Among other things to see in Ungheni Ethnographical and History museum, Bernardarzzi church, Kim Ir Sen House.

By Virginia, November 2004




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