Feedback of our travellers regarding
their travel to Moldova and border crossing

"Crossing of Trandsniestr border at Kaciurgani", Frenchman, January 2012
Yesterday was the worst day in my life!!! I was going to Tiraspol and at the border they stopped me for nothing!! They said that I need visa!!! I insisted for hours that I dont need visa, they did not let me in!! Then I talked for hours to Ukraine borders that didnt understand english but I had my friend talking on the phone! and they said they chose whoever get in their country and they didnt want me in!!!!! what the hell? I am from France and I know I have the right to go there, what they did to
me was totally illegal and i couldnt do anything... That is REALLY frustrating, the words they said to me is "Go back to Ukraine Odessa and then take the flight back to france" ???? Damm.....and it was night at the end....there were NO bus back to Odessa! I i had to trust somebody and get in a car i dont know!! Worst experience ever!!!! I just wanted to let you know what happend

"Travelling to Kiev via Transdniestr on train 65/66", John, May 2010
We were a little apprehensive about our crossing of the _Transdniester_ ( border. Here's how our border crossings went that night/morning:
Exiting Modova - passport control came through first, checked passports - no problem. Customs came through, spoke some broken English phrases and checked our bags - no problems.
Entering Transdniester - one border control agent came into the compartment - checked our passports and asked if we had any guns or drugs (in very reasonable English) and when we said no, he said thank you and then went on to the next compartment.
Entering Ukraine - first pair of passport agents came through - checked our passports and entered the information on their PDA's - and then called someone else on their "radios" to report that there were three Americans on the train. Minimal/no English from them. But no problems. Then one customs agent came through and I think that he wanted us to lift up our beds and to show him the luggage, but he really wasn't very clear (he just said in Ukraine or Russian what he wanted a couple of times without using any sign or hand language or gestures). And I responded that we did not speak Russian or
Ukraine and tried to gesture - that our luggage was under the beds and did he want us to lift them up and show them to him? I think he got easily frustrated, as he immediately got on his radio --- I heard something about "Americanskis" -- and then he just shook his head, walked out, and went on to the next compartment.
So, in actuality, the Transdniester border guard was the most courteous, polite and spoke the best English of all three border crossings personnel that evening. But, I imagine that this could vary a lot, depending upon the agent!
So, from our experience, we did not have any problems with the Transdniester border crossing. In fact, if you have an email address for someone of authority in Transdniester customs, I would be pleased to send them an email stating how courteous, efficient and pleasant the border guard was to us that night - to help change some of the "bad press" that they have been having and that their apparent efforts to try to change this problem seem to be working -- if you feel that this may help future Western travelers.
Before going on the trip, I had seen some email notes on some travel blogs about certain efforts being made to correct the previous problems at the Transdniester border crossings. We just may have been lucky that night, but everything went relatively smoothly in crossing the borders. Or, maybe by train is much easier than in a bus or car."

"Recommendations on travelling from Poland to Chisinau, Moldova", Grzegorz, February 2009
It's possible to take (from Germany) a direct bus Berlin - Chisinau by Euroline Moldova - I don't know what is the exact cost but from Krakow (Poland) it costed 70 euro.

It's also one possible route (from Poland) taking a train to Polish border (Przemysl), then get to Medyka cross the border there by foot, from there take "marszrutka" to Lwow, and then as written on your page take a bus to Chisinau. It's a little hardcore option but relatively cheap:

Train from west part of country (for example Poznan city) to Przemysl = 70 PLN = 15 euro
Bus from Przemysl to Medyka (border) = 2 PLN =0,5 euro
Marszrutka border - Lwow = 15 UAH = 1,5 euro
Bus Lwow - Chisinau = 20 euro
So together something about 37 euro.

Bad thing is that u need a lot of time for such a journey.

"Varna, Bulgaria to Chisinau via Constanta, Romania by bus", Steven, September 2008
Hi Marisha,having just arrived home,I will tell you the story of what happened. As I said ,Vernon-Prim left me in a bad position, as I was expecting them to take me and then they let me know that they will not have the bus in Varna for that day,OK,I made contact by telphone with Mari-Tur,but because of language problems it was very difficult to understand how to make this bus stop in Varna,especially as they told me to pay at Hotel Cosmos,and there is no hotel like this in Varna.
So I call for help to everyone who can help to contact them for me for a clear position,but as of early Friday afternoon I don't hear anything,so I leave the house to wait in Varna for a maxi taxi to Constanta or the Mari-Tur if see it.I see the maxi taxi at 4pm,and tell the driver I need to be in Constanta before 7pm to connect with Trand-Leahu to Moldova,so he says no problem,although again language problem as he speaks Rumanian.When we get to Mangalia,he says that another bus will take me to Constanta,as the other passengers have got off and only me remains,so he did not want to go the extra 50 KM with me.
The driver of the maxi taxi told the other driver I need to connect with the Moldova bus in Constanta,but they said nothing,and it was soon clear that this new bus was not going to leave Mangalia until 7PM,making it impossible to make the connection.Anyway,I went with the bus to Constanta,to hope some other way would be open,but when I got there and asked around,it was clear that no other transport was available that evening,leaving a 12 hour wait,no sleep for 2 days and missing my game in Tiraspol,so I decide I will come back to Bulgaria.I even asked the driver of this second bus if he can take me to Braila to maybe connect with Torpedo-Tur,but he said the bus is not going to Braila,even though it says Mangalia-Constanta-Braila on the front.I must say that it was the first time I had been in Rumania,but I don't have a good impression of Rumanian people I met,most of them were very unhelpful,and would not take any time to explain things.
I will never go through Constanta to change buses again,things there are not organised,no good information available,and it's like a place that is not up to a good standard.Only to go through this place without stopping is good,or to come through Bucharest.It is very disappointing for me that this has happened,as I wanted to enjoy my holiday in Moldova,and to not even reach it because of these problems is bad for me.
Still,I have learnt some things from what I experienced,and when the times come again,I can maybe make sure that these things do not happen again.I was very pleased to leave Rumania,and to get back to Bulgaria,which for all its problems seems to be a much better place than Rumania.I will probably go to Rumania again,but will be much more careful next time.

"Riga - Chisinau budget flight with Air Baltic", Charles, August 2008

Just to update your excellent website I am flying direct Riga -Chisinau with Air Baltic - so 'low cost' is possible direct now.

"Low-cost airlines to Moldova and surroundings", Elis, July 2007
Meridiana flying from Italian city of Verona . You can also come somewhat close to Chisinau, if you are flying to Romanian city of Bacau with Blue Air from Torino, Barcelona and Roma - for much more reasonable prices than Meridiana. From Bacau you can take a bus or microbus to Moldova through the town of Husi and border crossing of Leuseni. In approximately same distance from Chisinau as Bacau is the Ukrainian city of Odessa, to which you can fly with Air Baltic from Riga but then you will have to find a rare bus to Chisinau via Palanca to avoid Transnistria, or you will not avoid it and will have to bribe quite likely Transnistrian "customs officers" and "border guards". But in the end low-cost airline market is non-existent in Moldova, also due to silly (or corrupted) government market protection, and is not so much competitive in neighbouring countries, so you will still get a best price with Air Moldova or Moldavian Airlines / Carpatair (same company), sometimes with TAROM via Bucharest, ocassionally with Turkish via Istanbul and quite rarely with Austrian via Vienna. Cheaper but more exhausting way is to come by bus or train.