Stefan with some lovely dogs, May 2017, Chisinau accommodation, airport transfers, tours
Dear Mrs Waters. I havnt had the time to write before. Hope all things are well. We had a very nice pleasent stay in Moldova when we were there. It was a nice apartment and perfect for our needs. We had good help by Vadim as well. Hope it was ok. Was lovly to meet Catarine as well. Moldova is a beutyfull country, still marked thu of its past from the USSR. However it was a lovly stay as we couldnt stay longer we missed Tiraspol, but since its off limits and we brought dogs as well, it was better this way. We had a lovly succesfull stay and won more then we thought were possiable. So it was a lovly stay in all means. was lovly to try so many different kind of wounderfull vines, but was thrilled of Purcari thu. Promise i will keep your apartment in mind. and maybe in a few years or so one will see again. Please take care and once again thanks for all your help. best regards Stefan, Sweden

Steve, February 2017, Chisinau accommodation, airport transfers
Hi Marisha, We are having a nice time in Chisinau. The apartment is very nice and your mum was lovely! Steve

Aaron, October 2016, Bucharest Chisinau transfer
Hi Marisha, Thanks a million for everything. The bus arrived on time both mornings and the driver for the best part was in great form considering he had 7 crazy Irish lads to deal with. Really appreciate all your help. The drive was slightly longer than I had anticipated, more 9 hours than the 6.5 google maps had suggested. Sure we sang songs, drank and made the most of it.I hope your driver has some kind words to say about us also. I hope the driver enjoyed his tip and I will definitely be recommending you for the future. Thanks, Aaron

Jonathan, August 2016, Stay in Chisinau, guided tour of Tiraspol
Dear Marisha! I'm happily in the apartment now and I had a good time today with Boris and our young guide :) It was great fun seeing Bender, especially since I'm interested in Swedish history! Best regards, Jonathan

Vytautas and friends, July 2016, accommodation in Chisinau, transfers and tours
Dear Marisha, Thanks for the help in organizing our trip to Moldova. Everything was great !!! Regards to all: Ruslan, Boris, your mother and you for the excellent work. Best regards, Vytas

July 2016, Adam, transfer from Chisinau to Miercurea Ciuc
Dear Marisha, everything went right, thank you for your help :)

May 2016, Rosie, trip planning assistance
Hi Marisha, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help finding accommodation. Vila Roz looks lovely and we're very excited to stay there.

Neville, October 2015, Negruzzi apartment in Chisinau and private transfer from/to Bucharest
Dear Marisha, I am now back from my travels and I just wanted to thank you for making all the transport and accommodation arrangements for me, it all worked out very well, and finding that the flat now has WiFi was a nice surprise. I found my visit very informative, and the weather was very good, which meant I got to see Moldova in all its autumn colours which was a bonus. Please thank both Katherine and Anatol for me. Thank you again, Neville

Peter, September 2015, Negruzzi apartment in Chisinau and tour at Milestii Mici winery
Hello Marisha, I just wanna thank to You for all of the steps you had provided to make our stay memorable. Best regards, Peter

James, September 2015, Negruzzi flat
Dear Marisha, I have very much enjoyed staying here, which made my attendance at the conference across the street very convenient. I very much appreciate your mother�s help in arranging for a taxi so early in the morning. I will be sure to let you know if I will be returning to Chisinau. Best wishes, James

Linda, August 2015, transfer from Brasov to Chisinau
Thank you Marina ! We had a wonderful trip from Brasov wigh Anatolii. He is a great driver and a fascinating person. The time flew as he told us great stories the whole way! He dven took us to the Champagne factory and chocolate factory in Chisenau! Thank you so much ! Have a great trip today and huge thanks and hellos to Anatoliy!!!!

Steve & Naomi, August 2015, Tour of Tiraspol and Bender by car and with English speaking guide, wine tour at Milestii Mici cellars
Hi Marisha, Thanks very much for all your help we had a great trip to Tiraspol with your father and Olga and a great trip to wine caves. We travel a lot, it was great to meet genuine and welcoming people and we won�t hesitate to recommend you. Best wishes, Steve & Naomi

Anna and Frans, August 2015, tour of Tiraspol and Bender by car with English speaking guide
Dear Marisha, We really enjoyed the tour to Transnistria. Boris is an excellent driver and Olga a great guide! Very nice people! Thanks! Kind regards, Anna and Frans

Mike and friends from Liverpool, August 2015, private transfers from Tirgu Mures, Romania to Iasi and Iasi to Chisinau, accommodation in Chisinau, tour of Tiraspol and Bender with English speaking guide, airport transfer
Hi Marisha, Thanks for all your help in arranging the trip we had a great time. Please say thank you to your mum and Boris for their hospitality. We are in Istanbul until Tuesday before going to Sunny Beach. We have put a review on TripAdvisor. Thanks again. Mike

Jenn and family, July 2015, train pick up, accommodation in Chisinau, private tour to Milestii Mici winery, train tickets to Chisinau-Kiev
Hi Marisha, Thank you! We absolutely LOVED our time in Chisinau and your mom and Boris were perfect hosts. We will hopefully one day be back! Thanks for everything!

Will, Matt and Roxana, June 2015, private transfer from Odessa, Ukraine to Bucharest, Romania via Reni and Galati
Buna ziua Marisha, Am ajuns cu bine. Conducator foarte bun ?i rezistent la drumuri :-) Mersi foarte mult ?i numai bine. Will, Matt ?i Roxana

Jim, June 2015, accommodation in Chisinau and airport transfers
Dear Marisha, Just to let you know I enjoyed my stay in your mothers flat in Chisinau. (24th to 27th) With my pidgin Russian and a dictionary we managed to communicate. She was very helpful, ordering me a taxi at 4am and making sure it came. I would be happy to write to anyone thinking of staying there in the future. By the way, its button 8 in the lift. Best wishes

Guna & Aigars, June 2015, Negruzzi flat, Ivancea stay, transfers in Moldova, Orheiul Vechi, Tiraspol&Bender, Soroca
Dear Marina,Thanks a lot to you, your mother and Boris! We gained from the trip much more than we hoped for. It was a pleasure to experience true hospitality and simple human interaction that is so rare nowadays in "developed world". With best wishes, Guna & Aigars

Robert, April 2015, Negruzzi apartment, transfers to Iasi and Lviv
We had a wonderful time and everything went smoothly � although the driver was right, the roads in Ukraine, except right around Lviv, are awful. Thank you so much, Robert

Per Anders from South Africa, March 2015, Negruzzi apartment, bus tickets to Brasov
We had a great time and the flat was good with a perfect location. It was convenient to be picked up at the airport. we went to change the bus ticket at the South West bus Station we got real tickets the bus departed 12h00 and was a large bus and not many passengers so very comfortable and we arrived in Brasov at 21h00. So that was perfect too. Say hello to your mother and Boris.

James, December 2014, private room and tour of Bender and Tiraspol
I just wanted to write a quick email to thank you and your family for all the help you gave me during my visit to Moldova. I have a great time. Very enjoyable. Thank you very much again. Hope 2015 is a great year for you, Regards James

Robert from USA, December 2014, airport transfers, accommodation and tours.
Dear Marisha, After the misunderstanding with the airport driver, all went well. Unfortunately, I did not see your last email. However, I thought that I could be getting kidnapped especially since no one was able to explain in English my reservation. Boris and Mike did a good job. I will return to Chisinua on October 3 and 4th 2015 for National Wine Day. I will keep you advise. Merry Christmas,Robert

Matthias from Munich, November 2014
Hello Marisha, I just want to say thank you for your help. Mr. Anatol was a great Driver last saturday. Everything was perfect!! Greets from Munich, Kind regards, Matthias

Yui from London, October 2014
I had a lovely time in Moldova. Everything worked very well, from the reliable airport transfer provided by Ruslan, who was there on time with a sign, and who located me quickly. Marisha's mother, Katya, was lovely and waiting for me outside the apartment building. She patiently showed me how to get into the flat, where things were, and what to do if I wanted to make tea, use the shower, etc. The flat is in a very good location about 10 minutes' walk from the train station, and a short distance from shopping centres, supermarkets and restaurants near Ismail Street, the Piata Centrala (Central Market) and also to the main thoroughfare of Chisinau, Blvd Stefan cel Mare. The flat was clean and comfortable. Wifi worked well, and there were helpful maps and also information sheets on the walls. This was useful. The old elevator is a little rickety, but the building is safe and secure and you need key fob access to get in. I enjoyed walking around the city, visiting its many nice parks, seeing the lovely Nativity Cathedral, the "Arc de Triomphe" of Chisinau, and lots of nice architecture, and even venturing into some university buildings. Another great thing is there is free public wifi (provided by Orange) in many places. ATMs and banks are plentiful too. I felt pretty safe walking around and it really helped to know a few phrases in Romanian and Russian. I found the cost of everything really cheap and reasonable, which was great! For food, I do suggest trying the local food from street sellers near the Central Market. I had this fried dough thing (I think it's called a 'placinta', which was really delicious. They have different fillings, I had one with potato) and the Blinoff Restaurant (specialising in pancakes, sweet and savoury, though they have other food as well) was super yummy, and one of my favourite meals! I also recommend having 'zeama' (Moldovan Chicken Soup) which was excellent! I would really recommend booking with Marisha if you're looking for a place to stay in Chisinau. She always replies promptly, provides useful information, and her English is excellent. Prices are reasonable, and the location is good. I'm really glad I visited Moldova. It's a nice country and it was a great experience :) Thanks Marisha! Best wishes, Yui

Marian from Slovachia, September 2014, private room in our Negruzzi flat in Chisinau
Spasiba .. Mne v Moldaviji ponravilas, choro�ije ceny, mudryje ludi v universitetoch, krasivije devu�ky, neopasnyj gorod :-) serdecno, Marian

Tricia from USA, September 2014, private room in our Negruzzi flat in Chisinau. Problem with hot water that has been solved on the day
Hello Marisha, We appreciate your long-distance help and enjoyed chatting with your mum via Google Translator, in person today. We learned about the Moldovan tea that we're drinking, courtesy of our friend in Cahul. :-) She did show us how to turn on the boiler, but now that we know that we can obtain hot water by waiting for 10 minutes, we prefer that option. We probably will not be turning the boiler on unless absolutely necessary. Please tell your mother thank you for her help. Many thanks, and hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend! Tricia

Tom from USA, October 2014, driver and guide
Dear Marisha - Have returned to Amereeka after a great trip, especially in Moldova and Romania. Such great bargains on averting as their currencies are still on the weaker side. Great wines!!!!! and so inexpensive. Mike and Boris were just terrific. He is an interesting and smart guy and we talked his ear off with a thousand questions. Boris is the consument professional driver. The road has been greatly upgraded and is almost complete to Soroca. Again thanks for the help and advice and I�ll try to steer a few clients your way. Ciao Thomas

Chema from Spain, October 2014, airport transfer and accommodation at our flat in Chisinau
Hello Marisha, We met your mum Today. She is lovely. The lift was out of order and she had to go up with great effort. She explained every detail to us and Was very nice. Thanks so much and we keep in touch. Take care of your mum. She is unique!! Boris was also nice Today although his english is similar to your mum's. Hugs, Chema

Hogni + friends from Iceland, May 2014, Chisinau - Bucharest private transfer
Hello Marisha, The transfer to Bucharest went well. We are very satisfied with the services of Anatol. We are glad we chose this option instead of flying. Best regards, Hogni

Oliver 2 persons, April 2014, accommodation in Chisinau, airport transfer, tour of Milestii Mici
Marisha was great help planning the trip. She organized a driver to pick us up from the airport and to go to the Milesti Mici winery. The location of the flat is good with a supermarket round the corner. Many parts of the town are walking distance and several local bus lines pass by as well. They are very easy to use. We had an enjoyable time in Chisinau. We had a good stay in Moldova and the trip to Transnistria was fine, too. No problems at all. Getting the ticket for the night train to Bucharest at the station was easy and the train great fun.

Karel and children from Holland, April 2014, accommodation in Chisinau, tour of Orheiul Vechi and Tiraspol, lunch at Katherine's in Ivancea
Hi Marisha, We're back in Holland and we enjoyed our stay in your flat in Chisinau. Everything was exactly as promised! Although it was only a short stay, we really got a good impression of Moldova and Transnistria. The service of Boris (driver) and Mike (guide) made a real difference. Thanks to their explanation we understand a lot more about life in Moldova! And the very good authentic lunch at Boris & Kate's home in Ivancea was a true highlight of our trip! Thanks and regards, Karel, Marinka and Arne

Alan, Updates to the site, March 2014
Marisha, The visa regime had changed dramatically, with the number of countries not required to have a visa being much larger. In particular, Australians and New Zealanders don't need a visa - http://www.mfa.gov.md/entry-visas-moldova/citizens-additional-checks/#link. Cheers, Allan

Simon, September 2013, accommodation in Chisinau, tour of Soroca, Orheiul Vechi, Chisinau, Tipova and Tiraspol
Hi Marina, I would like to say Thank You for all the wonderful organization! I had a great time in Kishinev, Soroco, Tipova and Tiraspol � thanks to Boris, Natalia and Lena. Best regards, Simon

Liisa and friends from Finland, October 2013, tour of Comrat and bus ticket reservation
Dear Marisha, Thank you so much for organising our tour to Comrat in Moldova and our bus trip from Chisinau to Bucharest. Natasha was an excellent guide and she helped us a lot with the bus to Bucharest. We enjoyed our stay in Moldova very much and learned a lot of the beautiful country. Please forward our thanks to Nstasha as well. BR, Liisa

Mairolt from Estonia, October 2013, private tranfer to Odessa airport by car
Hello, Many thanks to You and to Ruslan as well for transfer, I was in really good hands. If anyone of my friends travels to Moldova and needs same kind of help, I will suggest You. kind regards, Mairolt Kakko

Nicola from Italy, 3 persons, September 2013, accommodation in Chisinau, transfers to the bus station and bus tickets to Suceava
Dear Marisha, thanks for everything, we enjoyed our stay in your apartment in Chisinau, you were very kind and helpful and even Boris was perfect in everything .. If I have a friend who comes to visit moldova recommend your website .. Thanks Nicola

Brian, September 2013, accommodation in Chisinau and bus tickets to Kamyanets Podilsky
Great arrangements. Boris and Robert were both VERY helpful. I am now in Kamyanets Podilsky without a hitch. Robert came to meet me at 5:30 this morning just to help me make a call to the taxi. MANY thanks. All the best, Brian

Ali, September 2013, booking a bus ticket to Bucharest
I am safely in Bucharest now and all thanks to your reservation and help! Indeed, without either of these things I don't think I would have gotten my visa in the first place, so for the final time, thank you! I really enjoyed my (short) time in Moldova, and hope that one day I may be able to visit again... Kind regards, Ali (:

Eduardo and family http://familiaviajera.org/destino.php, transfer by car from Bucharest hotel to Chisinau, accommodation at Negruzzi, city tour and train tickets to Kiev, September 2013
Hello !! Marisha ! I'm sorry for not writing before, didn't have time. We have no words to thank you for everything all was perfect !! and we fell in love with the lovely katherine. As Sofia ( my oldest daugther) says, the languages are not a big obstacle to share feelings. Here you are a pictures with the little tomas and if you dont mind a would like to use it to tell about our little time in our ( let me say it in this way) negruzzi flat. Best regard from Kiev and thank you so much. Give ours regars to katherine, Boris, Anatol and Nathasa. We will keep in touch. Love from family !

Johannes, transfer by car from Chisinau to Bucharest airport, August 2013
Hello Marisha, the transfer worked very well. Thanks for your great service! Best regards! Johannes

Christos, Sandy and 5 kids, travel tips, Australian who entered via Transdniestr without a visa and exiting Moldova by train, August 2013
Hello marisha - thanks for your invaluable information prior o our Moldova visit. We are now safe in Bulgaria - at my cousin's home. We had a bit of problem at the border and sandy was taken into the building for an hour or so though all was ok in the end as they rushed through a visa quickly. They kept asking if she could stay an extra day to sort it out but i guess the fact that we have 5 kids under 11 and i was starting to cry at the thought of going to bulgaria helped. We were relieved. They wer very professional nod friendly though they were going o follow protocol by the book! We got th registrations no problem but thy didnt seem to help with leaving really. They asked for no bribes - she just had to pay 30 euro for the visa. No one got on the train going though Transnistria on the way to Moldova. Thank you Christos, Sandy and kids

James from the UK, studio flat on Negruzzi boulevard in Chisinau, August 2013
Great :) enjoyed it very much, the flat was great. Thanks, James

Sebastien, bus from Otopeni airport to Chisinau, August 2013
Thank you so much! Everything went smooth and had truly lovely experience in Moldova. Sebastian

Ewa and Bartek, private flat on Negruzzi boulevard in Chisinau, August 2013
hello, we've spent great time in Chisnau and all Moldova. It was quite suprising for us how beautiful is Orhei Vechi, Saharna and Tipova Monastyres. We are very glad that we can visit your Negruzzi Flat - it is really well-communicated and we have everything what was necesarry for us (comfortable beds, barthroom, kitchen, nice place near to railway station and city center). We can reccomend that flat to every person coming to Chisnau. It was nice to meet your Mum and Boris, but we think that the price for visiting winaries with him was too high (especially cricova, we know prices for visiting winary so we know how much the transport costed), we spent very less money for taxi to monastyres then to cricova, so it was the only not nice thing in moldova. Best regards, we hope to visit your home - country once more:) Ewa and Bartek

Tony, transfer from Bucharest by car, private flat on Negruzzi boulevard, travel tips, August 2013
Marisha, Thanks for your reply, sounds like you are in your village. Well we left the flat this morning, as suggested we walked down to the train station Sunday night and purchased tickets...FYI since it was to Odessa we had to use the international ticket booth, 13&14. Other than the confusion on our arrival, our brief stay went well, the apartment was quiet. Anatol was friendly and helpful and the drive was quick. Driving at times gave my wife "white knuckles", especially going around corners during heated cell phone calls. None the less, I accomplished what I wanted to do during the drive and train trip. I saw, took photos and notes about the countryside my grandmother, her sons, and other relatives would have travelled through in 1944. Sincerely, Tony

Martin and friends, transfer from Iasi and transfer to Odessa, July 2013
Hi Marisha. Just wanted to thank you for your transfer services over the last week, everything worked out great.

Carel, bus tickets from Bucharest airport to Chisinau, July 2013
Dear Marisha, everything went fantastic; thanks for your help! greeting from Tiraspol and tommorow Odessa. Carel

Tim, Negruzzi flat, transfer from Odessa, transfer to Iasi, Orheiul Vechi tour, July 2013
Hi Marisha, Sorry, but the e-mail arrived after we left. As you will know by now, everything worked out OK. Ruslan was a very good driver and we made excellent progress from Odessa. It was a delight to meet your Mum. She speaks no English and we speak no Romanian or Russian but we still had a chat! There seemed to be some problem with the car to Iasi but we got there! If we come to Moldova again, I will be in touch. Best Wishes, Tim

Ilona and Sanne, tour of Orheiul Vechi with Natalia and Boris, June 2013
Dear Marisha, Sanne and I wanted to let you know that we had a great tour with Boris and Natalia! It was very informative and they are very nice people! Regards, Ilona and Sanne

Paul, private flat on Negruzzi, May 2013
Hi Marisha, Just writing to let you know that everything went very well and that we really enjoyed our trip. Thanks for organising it for us. Boris was extremely helpful, pleasant and always on time, Lena�s tour of Tiraspol was very interesting, the apartment was very pleasant and well located, and the wine tour was fascinating. We�ve written separately to Vila Roz, which was also a great suggestion. The itinerary you helped us set up was perfect, and let us do a lot more than we could have managed on our own, and we�ll mention it to any of our friends who are planning a trip. Please let us know if you�d like us to provide a testimonial for you web site, and please pass on our thanks to Boris. Thanks again, Paul

Sarah and friend, private flat on Negruzzi, May 2013
Hello Marisha, We have finally made it and Boris has showed us everything. Thank you again for all your help, Sarah

Jim, private flat on Negruzzi boulevard, May 2013
Maresha - just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our stay in Moldova. In particular, we enjoyed our time with our guide Natasha. She went out of her way to make sure that we had a great experience and did everything possible to make our trip comfortable. She definitely went above and beyond and we are very appreciative of that. Jim

Mark and friends, UK and Australia, April 2013
Marisha, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for organising our trip. We all enjoyed ourselves very much. Please send through any www links where you would like us to recommend you or your partners. All the best, Mark

Stefan, private room at Negruzzi, March 2013
Thank you, I had an excellent time, visited Orhieul Vechi yesterday afternoon and Tranistria today, very convenient flat location for getting about. Stefan

Shaun and Karent, March 2013
Hi Marisha, We just thought you would like to some feedback on our recent trip to Moldova. Overall we had a great trip and it was nice to have everything organised and it ran smoothly. Boris was great, on time and funny. Our tour of the winery was excellent! The monastery tour and Soroca tour were good, however we were a bit disappointed as the churches and the Soroca castle were closed. We enjoyed the traditional lunch, however feel 30 euros (15 Euro each for a visit of the farm and a traditional moldovan lunch with wine) was a little expensive for the lunch in the village. Our tour guide Lena in Transnistria was excellent. We really enjoyed having the apartment in Chisinau and it was in a great location. Overall, we really enjoyed Moldova and really appreciate your organisation of our trip. We hope the feedback with have provide is helpful. Kind Regards, Shaun and Karen

Geert from Discovery Expeditions, October 2012
Hello Marisha, I would like to confirm that I was very happy with the way you organised the tour in Moldova and Transnistria for me. I will publish a new tour soon, this time I will limit myself to 1 week, which will be in Moldova and Transnistria only. Romania will become a seperate tour. Will keep you informed, Best regards and thanks again, Geert

Marie, 4 persons transfer from Bucharest, september 2012
Hello! I was more than pleased with our hired car! In fact, we are definitely using Anatol to book our drive back to Bucharest. He was prompt, pleasant, a great driver and we had a great time talking with him. It was extremely easy crossing the border with him. I did want to mention something � - we also used your website to get the information about the Chisinau to Bucharest bus. The first bus is actually 8am, not 7am and I discovered that the 8am and (I believe 11a and 1:30p) bus also have the option of stopping in Ploe?ti or at the Airport instead of just Gara Filaret. Thanks so much for your great service! Marie

John from the UK, 7 person transfer to Bucharest, september 2012
Hi Marisha, Have to say it went like a dream. Phoned the driver up on the Friday just to confirm the time and no�s. The driver was there waiting for us at 10am as requested. Only slight negative was the bus was a small one and it was a little tight for the two in the front. But the journey was quicker than thought and we were all happy we arrived in time to have a good night in Bucharest. Thanks again for your help. Cheers, John

Mark from the UK, 4 person transfer to bucharest, september 2012
Hi Marisha, We had a fantastic time in Moldova, we all found the people so friendly and helpful. George our driver was great & apart from the language barrier I hope he felt comfortable with us. I cannot think of anything to suggest on how you improve your service and we would not hesitate to contact you again when we return to Moldova. Kind regards, Mark

Stephen from the UK, transfer to Bucharest
Hello Marisha, Yes the driver did a fine job thank you we didnt realise he was picking up other passengers but that wasn�t a problem. We didn�t have any problems. Thank You for all your help even though it was late when i booked it with you Stephen

Bingo from the UK 4 person transfer from Iasi, september 2012
Marisha, The transfer from Iasi to Chisinau was fine. Although Uncle John was about 25 mins late, it was not a problem as you gave me his number and I was able to ask the lady on the help desk at the airport to call him to reassure ourselves that he had just been delayed. He had a friend called Dennis with him who was able to speak a little English. We drove into Iasi where we picked up three more passengers. Also stopped off at a food wholesalers on the outskirts. I know I had agreed to a car on our own for �90 but these small detours just added to the overall experience. The road from Iasi to border was winding and undulating in places and it was a little perturbing to see Uncle John trying to use two mobile phones at the same time! The whole journey took about 4 hours including an hour at the border.The road on the Moldovan side was much better and Uncle John dropped us at the Hotel Cosmos as requested. Dennis asked us for �50 so we gave him �60.Chisinau has changed significantly since the last time I was there in 1996 �� unfortunately the Hotel Cosmos has not! We managed to buy 5 tickets from the groundsmen at Zimbru Chisinau for �200. We enjoyed a very sociable evening after the game in the Offside bar with some local Moldovan fans.The coach back to Bucharest took 11 hours but that included 2 hours crossing the border and a 45 minute food stop at a Romanian restaurant.All in all a very memorable trip and many thanks for helping out. Regards, Bing

Marco from Italy, June 2012, stayed at Negruzzi flat in Chisinau
Hello Marisha, I�m back in Italy. Thank you very much for hospitality in your mum apartment.I stayed in Moldova only two days (from Chisinau I did a day trip to Orheiul Vechi, very interesting). I hope soon to visit again Moldova for a longer time Marco PS It was very easy to buy bus ticket for Simferopol as you said

Larisa and family, May 2012, transfer from Odessa to Chisinau by car with Ruslan
Hi Marisha, All went well and Ruslan was fantastic. We made great time and he was great at the border crossings. Thanks for making the arrangements and being so patient with our issues. I�ll be sure to recommend your services in the future. Sincerely, Larissa

Doug, UK, June 2012, stay at Negruzzi flat, tour of Tiraspol and Cricova with Boris and Yulya, airport transfer
marisha back in the Uk now. Just wanted to thank you for all the arrangements you put in place. they all worked really well and made the trip very enjoyable. Please pass on my thanks to Boris too for all the driving and company!! many thanks again doug

Paul, June 2012, itinerary support
Hi Marisha Thanks very much for your help. Your information is very useful indeed. I�m looking forward even more to my visit. Regards Paul

Michael, 3 persons, Chisinau � Odessa transfer by car with Ruslan, June 2012
Hello Marisha, the journey is great and everything was very good. We had terrible weather during the transfer with veryheavy rain. However Ruslan did drive very safe and we felt we were in good hands. Trip was also quite quick. So a great ride.

Natalia with family, May 2012, car transfer from Bucharest airport to Chisinau
Hello Marisha, Everything was great, he was on time at the airport. The car was enough big to fit our lagguages. The driver was nice and we got to Chisinau pretty fast. Thank you again for your help. Best Regards, Natalia

Richard, Odessa � Chisinau transfer by car with Ruslan, May 2012
Ruslan met us at the train as soon as we arrived and took us very quickly and safely to the Ukraine embassy arriving at 9:00am just as we agreed . He did a great job driving very safely and we enjoyed talking to him along the way. Thanks for your help, I received my visa just as I expected and everything worked out fine and we are now back in Sevastopol. We are very happy with the service and would recommend and use your service again if we ever return to Moldova.

David, Ireland, May 2012
Hi Marisha, Back in Ireland exhausted. Just leaving a short note to say thanks for everything. We both had a wonderful time. The flats were great and Boris and Katya were extremely kind and attentive hosts. Would love to go back some time. ? ????????? ???, David.

Eric, tour of Tiraspol, Milestii Mici, Orheiul Vechi, lunch in Ivancea, May 2012
Hello Marisha, Just wanted to thank you for your help. Everything was great and we really enjoyed our stay in Moldova. We hope that we�ll be able to come back for a longer period to visit other parts of the country. Please, say thank you to your father and your mother. Regards, Eric

Max from the UK, airport transfers and Negruzzi flat, May 2012
Hi, Marisha, this is just a note to say many thanks for all your help with my holiday in Moldova last week. I had a wonderful time. The weather was fantastic and the people wonderful. Boris was very helpful and his flat was great. best wishes, Max

Nicholas, 3 persons, transfer from Bucharest Otopeni to Chisinau, Negruzzi flat accommodation, tour of Orheiul Vechi and Chisinau, lunch at Ivancea, tour of Milestii Mici
Hi Marisha, Just a big thank you for organising everything in Moldova. Everything went perfectly. We particularly liked the wine trip, meal and tasting of the wine. Regards Nicholas

Jennifer and Mark, March 2012, tour of Cojusna winery and Capriana monastery with Michael
Hello Marisha, You asked to know how our outing went yesterday (Sunday). It was mixed. Our first stop was the winery, Cojusna. Mark and I enjoyed the tour. It was interesting to walk through the stacks of bottles and learn a little about how they make and store the wine. Our translator did a pretty good job, although there were a few specialty wine terms which he was not as familiar with. The tasting was disappointing, though. There was a good variety of wines, but Mark and I did not think they were a very good quality. We have had much better wines from Moldova. Your suggestion for snacks was excellent, though. That was definitely helpful with the tasting. Afterwards, we went to Capriana. Here the tour guide was excellent. He explained a lot about the buildings on the grounds of the monastery and some of the history. He gave us plenty of time to look around and answered many questions for us. The monastery was beautiful, too. The guide was also very helpful during the drives. I asked him many questions about life in Moldova, folk tales, holidays, and other such questions. He answered them all and was a good conversationalist. I hope my comments are helpful to you. Jennifer

Jens from Germany, March 2012, tour of Chisinau with Michael
Hello Marina, Thank you again. Michael makes a well job and was a good guide. ;-) We learned a lot about Chisinau. Vielen Dank. Bis zum nächsten Mal. Jens

Jacob from the UK, March 2012, transfer from Bucharest airport to Chisinau
Marisha, We had a great trip! Thanks for your help. Jacob

Jack, February 2012
Marina, the flat was perfect! Secure and located conveniently to everything a tourist could want. Very clean, very tasteful, very accessible. Boris was so helpful and gracious. Meeting us a few days before the stay was absolutely key to our travels. And picking us up so early for a morning flight took so much pressure off finding a cab and most likely getting soaked as a foreigner. Our guide Mike was very down to earth and knowledgeable about all things Moldovan. Since he is young, he really has a hand on the pulse of the Moldovan people. This was very refreshing and I would give him my highest recommendation to anyone traveling the region. Overall, I would recommend a trip to Chisinau over Odessa. The people in Chisinau were head and shoulders above the common Ukrainian faire. Such a noble people the Moldovans. I don’t throw this around oosely either. Sure Odessa has the flash, but Chisinau has the heart. Thanks again for quarterbacking our trip to Moldova. When I return, you will be hearing from me again. -Jack

Jop, February 2012 (stayed in Tiraspol with Lena)
Dear Lena, thank you very much. We hade a great stay in Tiraspol! Best regards, Jop

Andreas from Germany, November 2011
"Dear Marisha, we had a very good and productive time in Chisinau and in Moldova. We like your flat because it's near to the center of Chisinau and next to all important places we needed. The services, especially our tours with Boris and our two days we spend in Tiraspol with Julia, were also nice. So all in all we can recommend the flat and your services and like to come back again
to Chisinau (maybe) next year. Best wishes to Boris, Katherine, Julia and Lena. Attached you will find some pictures of us in Chisinau and Tiraspol. Best regards Andreas"

Jeff from USA, October 2011
"Hello Marina, Our trip in Moldova was great, our hosts for the Chisinau apartment were very accommodating even after we showed up several hours late because of an unusually slow bus trip that had some problems at the border. The tour of the winery and Orheiul Vechi* *was good though we felt a bit rushed. Was a nice stop overall though pretty brief, the kitchen had the basics we needed, hot shower was great. thanks again, best of luck in your future hostings, jeff"

Kate and Ben from UK/Australia (Negruzzi flat, Tiraspol flat, tour of Milestii Mici and Orheiul Vechi), October 2011
"Dear Marisha, We really enjoyed our stay in Chisinua and Tiraspol. The flats were in a good location and were well maintained. Boris was absolutely fantastic. He was so helpful and friendly and we really appreciated him picking us up at 3am. We also had a fabulous time at the winery, which you organised for us and I believe you managaged to convince them to do a early bruch for us too. The lunch your Mum cooked us was delicious and we enjoyed meeting all the chickens! Everything was well organised and ran like a dream. I would highly recommend your service to people and would like to thank you again for all your help. Yours Kate"

"Hi, Marisha, Just a quick note. Really enjoyed the trip, and the services you offer ensured we saw a lot in the short time we were there. Lunch with your parents was a tasty treat and Borris was a terriffic driver! Natalia gave us a very good tour, and your cousin's assistance was much appreciated in Tirispol. The highlight for me was the wine cellar - I've certainly seen nothing like it in my life.
As to the visa, being Australian, I did have to get one, but because I reside in the UK, the embassy waived the need for a letter of invitation. (Hope that clears things up for you, should any future Australians ask you about this.) I certainly enjoyed everything you offered, and would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone thinking of travelling to Moldova. Many thanks, Ben"

David stay at Larisa in Chisinau, September 2011

Kenton and Mitch from NY, stay at Ivancea, transfer&stay at Tiraspol, flat in Odessa, September 2011
" Marisha, Thanks for all of your help in arranging not just our trip to Ivancea, but also Tiraspol and now Odessa. Mitch and I are really enjoying staying with your parents; they are lovely people. Katherine is an excellent cook as you said. The tomatoes this time of year are amazing! We met Vadim without a hitch and he drove us to our apartment in Odessa. Last night in Tiraspol also went well - there was a little problem with the shower but Lena, her husband and we worked it out with the neighbor. Like you said, no problems with getting from Chisinau to Tiraspol (by bus) and again from Tiraspol to Odessa (by train). It was very easy. Mitch really, really enjoyed talking with your mom. Take care, Kenton"

Andre from Canada, accommodation in Chisinau and tours, 20 August 2011
" Thanks so much for everything Marisha! I've had a great stay! Andre"

Fabio from Italy, transfer from Baneasa airport to Chisinau, 23 August 2011
"everything OK with Anatol, very good person, funny and safe driver. Hope to come back to moldova later in this 2011 and meet you :) bye and thanks"

Esther from the USA, 24 July 2011
"Hi Marina, just wanted to thank you - for organizing everything for us - all went well - we enjoyed our day with Vicky and Boris - they make a good pair - and the winery tour - and we were able to fit in a quick walk through shopping in between - since my husband isn't very mobile - we opted out of some of the memorials and walking in Bender - the winery was great and we appreciated Boris being willing to take some of the payment in US dollars thanks for your patience with us - all best, Esther"

Hanna from Finland, 28 June 2011

"Hi Marisha, Everything worked very fine with our airport pick up and guided tour of Chisinau. Viktoria was an excellent guide. Thank you, Hanna from Helsinki"

Scott, transfer from Odessa to Chisinau with our driver Ruslan, 15 June 2011

"Thanks very much for everything. Ruslan was a very good driver. We greatly appreciate your help."

Mats from Sweden, 7 June 2011

"Hello Marisha, I want to thank you for everything that you arranged for us in Chisinau, everything working 100% and Boris took care of us and he explain that nothing was a problem, I think he tell us that. the trip to Odessa was exelent and the drivers was nice,helpfull and also safe drivers. If I have friends going to Chisinau I want to recommend you. So a very big THANK YOU. Best regards from a very pleased man from Sweden, Mats"

Alston from the UK, 6 June 2011

"Hi Marisha, I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging everything in Moldova for me. We had a great holiday in a wonderful little country and everything went to plan. Particular thanks goes to Boris who was so friendly and Victoria who was an excellent guide. In future if anyone asks me about accommodation or tours in Moldova I will certainly point them in your direction. All the best for the future. Alston"

Bill from USA, 31 May 2011

"Marisha, Thanks for everything. Both drivers (Odessa transfer and Tiraspol tour) did an excellent job as did both guides (Julia the guide in Tiraspol and Vicky the guide in Moldova). The flat was a nice touch for my visit and the food at the Beer House was outstanding. Thanks again. Bill"

Ernest, 26 May 2011

"Marisha, Your booking was perfect (bus tickets from Odessa to Chisinau), worked like a charm. We picked up the tickets one day early to be sure there was no problems and there were none. While in the area we did visit the Privoz market, a fascinating scene and much enjoyed. Thank you very much for your help. By the way the cost for 2 tickets was 176 Grivna (spelling)?, now at 8 per USD."

Cain from Australia, 18 May 2011

"Hi Marisha, We have now left Moldova and are happy to say that the services you provided were excellent. Boris was very professional and made sure that we were well looked after. It was particularly good that he also stopped to show us significant sites on the way to Tiraspol and the monastery. He was very good. Julia our guide in Tiraspol was lovely. Whilst a little nervous to begin with she quickly gained confidence and provided us with a fascinating insight into the breakaway republic. We also got to meet her boyfriend and they treated us to some local drinks and customs. All in all a fantastic time. Thank you too for all your help and I would happily recommend your services to anyone wishing to visit Moldova. All the best. Cain "

Karin and parents, 17 May 2011

"HI, Marisha. I was meaning to write to you and say thank you very much for putting the tour all together. We had a really wonderful time. The accommodation was what it was, an old Soviet Apartment. There are huge tower blocks all over Kyiv where I live, but I never knew what they were like inside. Very small. We all liked it. The beds were comfortable, we had hot water, the stove worked. It was fine, and cheaper than the LeoGrand!! Ruslan the driver (transfer Odesa - Chisinau and Purcari to Odessa) was very reliable. He was nice and showed up everywhere he was supposed to be on time. We were happy to see him at Purcari - on time! The tours were good - we liked Milesti Mici the best. There was a problem with Cricova in that they didn't actually let mom and brother taste the wine. They drove through the cellars, and the tour stopped at a tasting room, and then the tour guide said, "well, bye. Have a nice day." That was weird. the tour was supposed to include tasting and probably a souvenir. There wasn't much they could do, but if you book a Cricova tour for any of of your other clients, use our experience as leverage. Even though you didn't organize it, Purcari was very, very nice. the wine was unbelievably good, the rooms were inexpensive and comfortable, and the surrounding countryside was very peaceful. wow! thanks very much! we had a wonderful time in Moldova. It helped that I could speak a bit of Russian - I'd say something with bad grammar, and your Mom, Boris or Ruslan would repeat what I said correctly, and I'd say "da." And we understood each other, I think. best, Karin"

David from the UK, 2 May 2011

"Marisha, Just a quick note to say thanks for everything, it all worked like clockwork and, I think, was very good value for money. I also had a very comfortable sleep in the apartment last night. Best wishes, David"

Martin, 4 April 2011

"Hi Marisha, the trip was great and we got good help drivers (Bucharest airport transfer and trip to Tiraspol and Ukraine accross the border) and hosts even at weird hours. Minor quibbles: The internet in the apartment isnt working. We used the Beer House as internet cafe instead. Also, it would have been useful if we had been given the code for the outer door at the Negruzzi apartment. We got from the host at the end. All the best, and thanks, Martin"

Eleanor from the UK, 17 March 2011

"Hi Marisha, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Moldova and thank you for letting me stay in your lovely apartment. The city was wonderful and the restaurants are really excellent – I can’t wait to come back! Also I wanted to say how fantastic the hosts were (particularly Boris – please excuse me if that isn’t his name, I didn’t quite hear what he said) who were very welcoming and kind. I shall be recommending your services to anyone going to Moldova. Eleanor"

Joe from the USA, 15 March 2011

"Marisha, Again thanks for making this part of the journey relatively easy. Please remember when sending your guests to Tirsapol that it is all very problematic. I was extremely lucky to make it across the border. Thank goodness that I have traveled around the world and have prior experiences in Communist Hungry and Yugoslavia and also in Vietnam and China. Your patrons should not be viewed as potential sacrificial lambs. I could see how one could get themselves into trouble here. That said, everyone has been kind and wonderful and funny though I don't understand nary a word. It is the sentiment that counts. Also, in a country like Moldova renting a car is probably essential. The minibuses or vans are great and cheap but difficult to use to make it out into the country unless you speak either Romanian or Russian. If you do, go for it.Some quick final thoughts: Visit Eastern Europe before it changes even more and becomes more Western. Take the time to visit the Moldovan and Romanian countryside. Drink some incredible Moldovan wine! The white I had in Chisnau was wonderful, and only about $2. dollars. I will probably comment one final time next week. Now other demands are raising their voice. THAT is why it is great to go off and away. No one can get at you. Maybe some border guards with wicked-looking machine guns but hey! you can deal with that! Cheers. Joe"

Ulrich + friends, 10 March 2011

" Hello Marina, the transport to Bucharest was succesfull, the driver did well. The car was better than expected, and they have capabilties for 8 people. Ulrich"

Seth + family, 28 January 2011

" Marisha, Thank your mother again for her excellent service. She was very punctual and attentive to detail. FYI: your internet connection still does not work. But, there is a new cafe across the street that offers by far the best wifi in the neighborhood. Tea is only 15 lei. I suggest you let other visitors know.

Gelaterie Pennese
strada Negruti 5
Sebastiano tel. 068-906965

You can also pick up free wifi in your building's lobby at times. We will be sure to contact you on our next visit or if we have any questions on Moldova. Your place and your ideas were of immense help. Thank you once again! Best, Seth "

Heta, 16 December 2010

" Hi, We were very happy with everything :) Both apartments were great (Negruzzi apartment in Chisinau and Lena's flat in Tiraspol) and also the transportation from Chisinau to Tiraspol was great. We had a wonderful trip. thanks, heta"

Rolf, 28 November 2010

" Hi Marisha, We had a wonderfull trip to trans D with no hazzles. also our stay here in Moldova was pefect. Best regards Rolf"

Laco and Anita from Slovakia, 23 November 2010

" Dear Marisha, I would like to make short summary of my journey to Moldova ... Before we entered Moldova, we had entered Ukraine. Hm, I have never seen something like borders Slovakia / Ukraine. Lot of trucks, bad conditions, slow custom officers, only thing they were interested in was how to cheat people and ask them for their pocket money. However, after 3,5 hours of waiting for no reason we entered Ukraine. Carpathian region in Ukraine is nice part of the land, well equipped pensions, hotels, restaurants, roads.This finished with the city "Stryi" ... Between Stryi and Ivano-Frankivsk is really terrible road. 1 day we spent in Chernivtsi, from my point of wiev really nice town, with great city center. I appreciated and enjoyed to stay there.
Day after we entered Moldova on the border Mamaliga / Criva. Moldavian custom officers seems to be quite surprised, that someone like us enter Moldova on this unusuall point. They asked us a lot of questions, starting with - what's my job, what's my target in Moldova, etc ... They were absolutely different from Ukrainian, smilly and curious. (in positive way) I think, every custom, that was on the border opened my luggage space and I felt they want to see me and the "otherness" ... After 2 hours I paid entrance fees for my car /30 UAH/ and the we enetered Moldavia. Roads are in much better conditions and in comparison with Ukraine, the surroundings was in much better aligned (fields, roads etc) ... On the way to Chisinau we had a lunch in the restaurant near to the main road, nice and cozy. As we were approaching Chisinau, somewhere between Balti and Chisinau road conditions were getting much worse - huge rain was changing constantly with fogg. I had to slow down, in addition I did not know the road. I came to Chisinau, unfortunatelly my GPS collapsed and I was lost. I came to Bucuresti street, I caught one guy with taxi and asked him to bring me to Negruzzi flat. I followed him, he braught me there, but not from the front side, but from backside (where the kids playground is) ... I left my car there and went to the flat. There was nice young lady Silvia, we took the keys and she left ...
After we unpacked our things, we went to enjoy night Chisinau, just having walk in the neighborhood. Next day we were lucky, the weather was great, warm and sunny, we visited Orheiul Vechi, monastyrs and caves ... On the way back we visited "pivnitule Branesti" ... with an excursion ... pivnitule Branesti - easy approach, it's located around 1 km from Branesti (direction from Chisinau to Orheiul Vecchi, almost at the end of village is right-turned curve, you should follow straight away) ... we saw big advertisement on the "billboard" ... As we came there, there was guy on the gate, that did not speak any other
language, only moldavian. We spent there 10 min. waiting for our guide. He spoke russian and moldovan only, unfortunatelly there was no one, who could speak english. Slovak language is similar to other slavic languages, including russian, so we did not have any problem to understand each other. The tour took us app. 40 - 50 minutes, we saw the technology for wine production from beginning to the end, way of wine storage etc. Interesting, we bought 2 sparkling wines and one KOGAR (red desert wine, that I already knew before). Price were as follows: - excursion: 100 LEU per person, - wine: 30 LEU/bottle. In
the winery we tasted wine called "Lidia" (or "Livia"), red desert wine, fantastic!
on the way back we just enjoyed countryside eating fantactic grapes :) After our arrival back to Chisinau we had dinner in La Taifas restaurant ... I enjoyed Moldavia very much, in case, I will have possibility to visit again, I'll do that. Private or for business. :))) Laco"

D'Anne from USA, 1 November 2010

"Hi, Marisha - We had a great trip to Chisinau and were very pleased with the guide and driver you provided. They did a great job and we enjoyed their company. I guess I have one small suggestion. We took two trips to places outside the city: the winery and Orheiul Vechi. I wish we had thought to request some additional time in the villages nearby. It would have been interesting to see them a little more 'up close.' Perhaps in the future you might offer that as part of the tours.....I'm sure we would have said yes if you'd suggested that; we just didn't think of it in advance.
Just for your information, we had a tough time getting from Odessa to Chisinau. We went to the bus station in Odessa and decided to take a minivan instead of the public bus. Big mistake. The driver went through Transdniestria even though he'd said he wasn't going to. We had to pay at the border crossing..........they wanted $120 from us but settled for about $80. Then the driver said he had problems w/ his papers (who knows....) and put us into a car w/ three people who were driving to Chisinau. They dropped us w/ a taxi just inside the city limits. The taxi driver didn't know where our hotel was.......and on and on........ So......minivan to private car to taxi.....we should have taken the bus!!
Our train trip worked out just fine........thank you for getting the tickets. All in all, a terrific trip. Even the Transdniestria makes for an entertaining, albeit expensive, story.............
Sincerely, D'Anne"

Rob+ from Holland, 28 october 2010

"Dear Marisha, We had a wonderful stay in Moldavia and Boekarest , we enjoyed the three day's very much. Thank you for the excellent arrangements , services and help , the appartement was very good too ! My friend said , there was a little misunderstanding , when we arrive at the appartement we could not go in because we had no key of the room . But that was a very little thing , we were very sattisfied about everything !!!!!!! Maybe one thing for your website : when people want to travel by night train from Boekarest to Chisinau they can make booking at : marketing@wasteels.eunet.ro
Again very many thanks for everything ( the taxidriver was ok too) and maybe until next time !!! Best regards , Rob + from Eindhoven Holland"

Emmanuel from France, 18 october 2010
Dear Marisha . Just a note to say that I enjoyed my stay in Chisinau at Larisa’s flat during 1 week. Larisa particularly helped me in the organization of my stay. She found all the competent persons for the visits and the transport. I was able in particular to visit the monasteries of Tipova and Saharna and Ohrei, Gagaouzia... Her apartment in Chisinau is very well situated near shops, restaurants and trolley-bus. She is a very kind woman I had also a good trip in Tiraspol with her daughter Natalia. She made the border crossing easy for me. She was a great guide for me and I enjoyed the time with her.
I recommend particularly the stay at Larisa’ flat.

Juha and friends from Finland, 12 October 2010
"Dear Marisha,
We had a very good trip to Tiraspol. Anna made the border crossing easy for us. The first stop was in Bender and then we had a walking tour around the centre of Tiraspol, visited a museum, an open air market and a church. We had a lunch at Andy's Pizza, and also offered lunch to Anna and the driver. Your guide Anna speaks English quite well and I think that now she is gaining more experience she will be able to narrate more freely about the recent historical events and everyday life. She managed with us very well. Anna and the driver were helpful when we were trying to find a sauna for Sunday evening. Best regards from Helsinki, Juha"

Michel from Switzerland, 5 August 2010
"Hello Lena, many thanks for your time and support when I was in Tiraspol, I really appreciated it. I had not problem at all leaving Transnistria, the gents at the border have been charming.
ChÕre Lena, merci pour votre aide et support lors de mon sÈjour Þ Tiraspol. Vous avez facilitÈ toutes les dÈmarches administratives, contribuÈ Þ mieux me faire connaÍtre votre ville, c'Ètait trÕs gentil de votre part. L'appartement est trÕs bien situÈ, dans un cadre plein de verdure, une banque dans l'immeuble pour changer de l'argent, un parking surveillÈ trÕs proche, ainsi que des magasins et restaurants. Pour utiliser l'internet, allez manger chez "Andy's pizza" Þ 500m du Palais du Gouvernement, la nourriture est excellente, les prix trÕs corrects, et l'accÕs au "net", gratuit pour les clients.
Tiraspol est une trÕs belle ville qui mÈrite le dÈtour, trÕs bien entretenue, trÕs propre, et les gens sont trÕs ouverts, avec un contact facile. Je n'ai remarquÈ aucun problÕme d'insÈcuritÈ quelle que soit l'heure du jour ou de la nuit Þ laquelle je me suis promenÈ.
A bien tÒt Lena, amicalement, Michel."

Andrew from Prague, July 2010
"Hi Marisha!!!!
Once again I would like to thank you for the stay in your flat on Negruzzi last month. I enjoy my little stay in Chisinau very much :-) Cheers from Prague"

John from USA, 22 May 2010
"Hi Marisha, I just wanted to thank you for your help in making our trip a very nice experience (overall!)
For your information --
(1) The driver (sorry,I can't remember his name at this point - too much happened in such a short period of time!) He was very professional, always on time. very considerate and helped us out quite a bit. For an extra fee, he also took us to the train station and made sure that we were able to get our luggage stored properly while we had the long wait until out train was scheduled to leave. I would give him an
excellent recommendation.
(2) Our guide, Tanya - she was very pleasant, had a reasonably good command of English, was very interesting in her discussions with us about the local customs and her way of life. She also seemed quite knowledgeable about the sites that we visited. However, she seemed more like a "student" who was hired to "act as a guide for us" rather than some one who actually has had much experience as a
guide -- or with the knowledge that a guide should have. Some examples:
We knew before our arrival, that due to the Holiday, there was a strong possibility that there would be no winery tours available for our "full day" tour. When we arrived, Tanya confirmed that there would not be any winery tours available. When I mentioned that there would be a lot of "free time" for us before our late evening train departure, and that I would be wiling to pay extra for anything else that she might have in mind, she said --- well there are some museums and other sights that would be worth doing. So, I felt that we would still have a full day's of tour activities for us the next day.
We had a nice afternoon tour of the city and then retired to the hotel. The next morning, on our way to Orheiul Vechi, I again expressed my concern over the extra free time that we would have all afternoon and evening before our train departed. I also mentioned that the museums sounded fine, but wouldn't they be closed due to the Holiday? She confirmed that the museums would be closed and offered no other options for us that afternoon.
We even passed one winery on the way to Orheiul Vechi that was open. I expressed an interest in stopping - to sample the wine and perhaps buy a bottle or two. However, she just said that the tour was not open but just the wine shop. I understood that the winery tour was not open, but I didn't understand why we couldn't stop at the store shop for a few minutes. However, I did not press the issue.
We did have a very nice tour of Orheiul Vechi. When we were driving back to Chisinau, I again asked her if she had any recommendations for us on what to do, since we would be back around 14:00 and our train didn't leave until 22:00. She just said that there were some shopping malls near the station, we could walk back up to the parks that we had seen yesterday, or maybe we could just get a hotel room for the rest of the day -- and that was it! She was all through with us. I think that she had some finals to study for.
We were very lucky, in that while wondering through the train station, we noticed a sign with "beds" - we went up and after much sign language and several people trying to help (no one really spoke any English) we were able to obtain some rooms with beds to relax and rest until our train arrived. The train station has some very nice, clean, modern rooms with beds that they "rent" for about $10 each. This is something that any guide who has tourists who are departing by train, should know about and inform their clients!
Also, for future reference, we have been on the trains in Russia, and there was a train car that had some basic meal/foods available. When I checked on the Internet, it said that the Ukraine trains also had some basic meals/food available and that there were people who sold food at the stops along the way, "so no one ever goes hungry on the train!"
Unfortunately, on this train there was no real food available - the conductor did have some tea/coffee in their little "cabinets", but no real food. And being at night, there were no food purchases available along the stops - until the morning stops,
If anyone else does the same train trip, I would recommend that they be told to bring along whatever food stores they desire on the way.
But, we made it through and have some very interesting memories of Chisinau and Moldova.

Adrian from Ireland, 11 April 2010
"Dear Marisha, We had a lovelly time in Ivancea, I really enjoyed it very much. I am hoping to return again in the Summer myself if this is possible. I fell in love with the village of Ivancea and I thought that people were very nice. I would also hope to bring back some photographs as well . I would like to photograph more of the village life, when the harvest is getting ready for reaping.
Katychia was an excellent hostess and made us feel very welcome, I enjoyed her company. Ivan was really good to us when we needed to go to the hospital, Thanks for everything. Thanking you very much

Henry from Norway, 5 April 2010
"Hi Marisha, Just would like to tell you that everything went very well on our trip to Tiraspol and Chisinau. Tanya was a great guide for us and we enjoyed the time together with her. She had very good knowledge of both the historical and poliical situation, and made our trip very interesting. I find Moldova even more interesting after this trip, and I probably will come back. It would be nice to learn more about your contryside and your great wines. Best regards, Henry"

Kevin from the UK, 03 February 2010
"Hi Marisha, Thanks for the appartment, it was excellent, just what I wanted, good location and adequate. BTW I love the country, and will definately return again. I used a lot of information from your site re; buses, trains etc, finding it most reliable, thank you for that too. Anyhow, it was a fantastic trip made much easier with your information and the appartment. "

Leo from England, 14 November 2009
"Hi Marisha,
Thanks again to you, Tania and Boris for my tour on Thursday. The length of time was just right, and the guiding and information excellent. I also learnt as much about Moldova, as I learnt about Transdniestr. Regards, and I will be happy to recommend you to anyone I speak to that is travelling to your part of the world. Leo"

Grant from the UK, 09 November 2009
"Hi Marisha, Thanks for buying the ticket for Kiev-Chisinau train for me! I didn't have a problem getting the ticket. The lady at the counter did ask for some money but I said it had already been paid and she seemed happy enough with that. I picked it up one day before I travelled. Thanks for your help. Grant"

Nail from the UK, 26 October 2009
"Everything was fine and we had a great time in Chisinau and at your Negruzzi flat. Thanks for all your help and for organising our transfer to Odessa and the train tickets from Odessa to Dnepropetrovsk."

Robin from the UK, 03 October 2009
"Hello Marisha, I really appreciated your hospitality and friendliness. Your service with organising both train tickets and accommodation was great. It was particularly nice to be met on my arrival at the railway staion. I travelled on to Bucharest with no problems after Boris' help the next day. He was very punctual and friendly. I will certainly forward your details and a recommendation to anyone travelling to Moldova. Please pass on my thanks to Boris and Tatyana. I hope to visit again soon. Many thanks. Robin"

Ashok and Ylva from Sweden, 27 September 2009
"Dear Marisha, We enjoyed ourselves this afternoon at your Mothers home in Ivancea. We liked the lunch and the juice you all served as well as the wine. The tomatoes were much appreciated. Pls convey our thanks to her and to Boris for the hospitality."

Matthew from the UK, 11 September 2009
"Dear Marisha, My train journey to Bucharest was indeed safe and enjoyable. Thanks again for getting the ticket for me. Boris and Tanya were very kind, Boris got us through the border without any problems at all (Tiraspol tour with driver Boris and guide Tania), and also knew exactly what to do when the car was briefly asked to stop by a Transnistrian official. Tanya was very knowledgeable about both Moldova proper and Transnistria; I learned a lot about the place from the tour. She was also fantastic at translating the tour of the Tiraspol city museum into English for us. Thanks very much again for all your help in organising my trip to Moldova, it was a fascinating place to visit and I hope to be back someday! Best wishes, Matthew."

Steven from the USA, 06 September 2009
"your guide tanya was excellant. boris was also. i commend you on a professional and reliable staff. i had a wonderful tour. thank you very much for your assistance. steven."

Regan from Canada, 02 September 2009
"Hi Marisha We had a wonderful time in the Ukraine and Moldova this August! Our tour in Moldova with Boris and Tanya was excellent. We certainly could not have made it without them. Boris was a very good driver and VERY helpful in getting us into Transneister. It was very easy and he and Tanya took care of everything. Tanya was an excellent guide; she knew a lot of information about the country and answered our questions very well. We learned very much about your little country in that one day. We had a very short time in Moldova but becuase of the warm welcome and great tour, I would definitely consider coming back again to see more of the country.
We had a bit of a misunderstanding about us wanting to take a bus to Odesa following our tour and we actually ended up missing our 2:15pm bus to Odesa. I think that might have been due to the fact that I wasn't easy to contact just before our tour so you weren't able to confirm our plans with us. But no problem, Boris and Tanya left us at the bus station to catch a bus coming at 4pm and Boris explained everything we needed to know to catch the bus. However, we ended up meeting a family with two small children and decided to share a taxi to the border with them. We had an interesting experience at the border with the guards (had to pay a $40USD bribe to get our passports back) and then decided to take a taxi from the border to Odesa. It wasn't what we planned but how everything worked out ended up being better! We didn't have to take a hot, non-airconditioned bus, we met a nice family, met a funny taxi driver to take us to Odesa (my father speaks Ukrainian so they talked the whole way) AND we have a funny story to tell now about how we bribed guards to get out of Transneister! So all in all, our day was great and we had a lot of fun!Thank you for all of your help and all the best to you and your family! Regan"

Jon, 02 September 2009
"Hi Marisha, Just a note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and tour to Tiraspol. The guide and driver were both excellent and please thank them both once again on my behalf for such an interesting and enjoyable day. Thankyou for arranging it and for purchasing my train ticket to Bucharest. Everything was in order and went well. I would not hestitate to use your services again should I ever revisit Moldova and will be sure to recommend you to friends and other travellers on the internet sites and forums that I use. With all best wishes and thanks again, Jon"

Ralf from Germany, 30 August 2009
"Hello Marisha, I just wanted to say thank you, all was perfect arranged! Special thanks to Tanja, perfect English and knowledge about the places of interest! She is a very helpful guide! Best wishes"

Andrew from Prague, 28 August 2009
"Hi Marisha, I just wanted to write and comment on my stay in Chisinau last week. I stayed three nights. I really enjoyed my stayed in Moldova. I was really happy with the flat in Cicoana and I thougt the tours were well done and well organized. I really enjoyed Tanya's guiding, I thought she she did a good job, and I liked Boris' friendly nature.I didn't hav enough time to see all I wanted and I hope I might return to see a bit more and enjoy the company of the friendly Moldovans I met. Greet Boris and Tanya for me. Cheers"

Ed from the USA, 26 August 2009
"First of all thank you very much for all of your help in making my brief tripto Moldova so interesting - see my specific comments below. I am now back in the USA after a month long visit to Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. It was a wonderful trip and I learned a great deal about each of these countries. Second, I very much appreciated all of your help in making my short visit to Moldova such an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Tanya did a wonderful job of interpreting for us during the phone call. Both Boris the driver and Tanya did a wonderful job on the tour of Orheiul Vechi and Cricova winery. It would be very helpful
if Boris could learn a little bit of English for visitors from Europe, Asia, the US and other parts of the world that do not speak Russian. Tanya's skills were excellent as both an interpreter and guide, however, even more importantly her very nice personality made her a real joy to have as my guide. She did a wonderful job in all aspects.
I greatly enjoyed the visit to Orheiul Vechi especially the visit to the monastery with its amazing setting. The museum was not very interesting. I liked the tour of Cricova but in a way it is not really a winery but rather more like a museum of wines together with a fancy restaurant with beautiful dining rooms.
I especially enjoyed staying in your flat to see what it is like to actually live in one of the old Soviet style block apartments. Although the outside is very plain and the entry, stairs, elevator very dark, I was surprised by how roomy your apartment was. I enjoyed sitting on the balcony and watching the children play in the central area formed by the buildings."

Harro from Netherlands, 25 August 2009
"Dear Marisha, I would like to let you know that my stay in Chisinau has been a really satisfactory one! I was really happy with the appartment in Ciocana & with the help of you, Boris and Tatiana; it went all so smooth. Especially, I would like to let you know that I had 2 wonderfull excursions, professionally led by Tatiana; one to Orhei complex and one to Tiraspol/Benderi. Tatiana is very knowledgable and informed me really well about the complex situation in Transdniestr. She did this in a very natural and charming way; obviously also she has a good sense of humour. So once again, my warm compliments for your organisation and your excellent team! "

Kamil and Vladimira from Checz Republic, 20 August 2009
"Dear Marisha! We approached O.K. our country. The journey back passed without problems. Often we remember very friendly and family atmosphere during all the time of our staying in Chisinau. In regards to driver and guide no negative comments from our side. Skills of Tanya and Boris were excellent. The trips with them we enjoyed very well. Our sincerely greetings and thanks to you, to Boris and Tanya. P.S. We booth recommended Moldova and your services to all our friends and cognates and we self consider next visite of Moldova in the future and using your unforgetable service."

Thierry from Brussels, 7 August 2009
"Hello Marisha and Lena, Our return trip was OK. I want to thank you for hosting us and helping when necessary (especially with my bank card). Accommodation was more than OK. Friendly Regards"

John from the USA, 1 August 2009
"Hi, all! These links will take you to the fruits of one of my most ambitious travel ventures since more-or-less recovering from my broken leg: 19 days, eight countries and one "sort-of" country called "Transnistria." My special thanks to Mrs. Marina Vozian-Waters and Inna Michayila, the travel agent and guide who arranged my morning of train-riding in Moldova. Here are the links you can click. Odessa-Moldva-Transnistria Link http://www.flickr.com/photos/je_therailguy/sets/72157622060360436/ "

Kimmo from Finland, 1 August 2009
"Dear Marisha, Now, back home, back at work after wonderful vacation..Anyway, regarding the daytrip to Tiraspol, all in all it was very interesting and informative. Lena is a great guide with excellent english language skills. We discussed propably about everything there is in life during the day. Besides life and times in Tiraspol I got a very good insight into Moldova in general. All my requests and questions were accommodated and also Lena was actively suggesting places to see, etc. Border crossing was very smooth (well, some queueing during entry). It was also really nice that we
had a relaxed timetable, or seemingly no timetable at all. I really could not imagine anything to improve. Many thanks again and give my best regards to Lena"

Chandra from the USA, July 31 2009
"We had a wonderful trip to Moldova and Tranistra, thanks to Marisha, Boris and Inna. Marisha made all the arrangements. Inna was our guide for both Chisinau and Tiraspol. Boris was our driver for the airport transfers and also to Tiraspol. They were very punctual, professional and very courteous. I would highly recommend them to any aspiring travellers. Infact, we are planning to go to Odessa next time and would contact Marisha again. Thanks a lot for the memorable trip"

Sjoerd and Marije, 29 July 2009
"Hi Marisha, We wanted to write you about the tour to give some feedback because it was such a good experience. Everything went well. We thought the tour was very interesting and Inna is a knowledgeable guide and a very pleasant person to spend a day with. She provided informative insight about Moldavo in general and Tiraspol/Transdniestrie in particular. What was also nice is that she's also interested in other countries and langugaes so we had some nice exchanges of information. All in all it was well worth it and a day well spent! Thank you once again and best regards, Sjoerd and Marije"

Jen from USA, 11 July 2009

"Dear Marisha, I really appreciate all the help you've given me before & during my stay, by the way--it's made my trip to Moldova much easier!! Orheiul Vechi was nice, but it should have just been a day trip. I stayed at the hotel next to the museum, which was nothing like my LP describes, and they're now charging $40 for a room, which is very exorbitant for what you get!!! At least the weather cleared up. I've enjoyed Moldova, thanks! -Jen"

Richard, 08 July 2009

"Dear Marisha, Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful tour of Moldova and TransDneister. Everything was as you said it would be and even better. Your mother is a wonderful cook. Of course Boris and my guide were great. Thank you! Rich"

James, 02 July 2009

"Marisha, Everything was great, your Mum, Boris, Lena.. All great. Thanks so much. ... And tell your mother that was the best food we have had in our travels! The polenta she made was amazing.

Paul from Amsterdam, 13 June 2009

"Hi Larissa and Natalia, Just to thank you for everything. I have a wonderful time in Kishinev and my experience in Moldova was superb. My stay at your place was fantastic. Keep well and in touch."

Selma from Switzerland, 08 June 2009

"Dear Marisha, Now we returned to Switzerland and I wanted to say thank you for helping us to organise our stay in Ivanca! Everything was perfect and we enjoyed to live with Katja. She's such a kind hostess. I'm sure, I will retourn once agian to Moldova! Best wishes."

Bendt, 04 June 2009

"Hi Marisha, We had a very nice stay in your apartment. Thank you."

Chris, 28 May 2009

"Hi marisha, We enjoyed our stay in Ivancha very much. your parents were very kind to us and we loved your mum's great cooking. she gave us huge amounts to eat every time we sat down near the table! Ivancea was prettier than we expected and it was nice to walk by the lake and we very much enjoyed our trips to Orcheiul Vechi which was very easy and cheap to reach and stunningly beautiful. I
don't think that was mentioned on the website. We got the impression that travel by bus was hard and it was not at all- thanks to your parents. We would be happy to receive emails from anyone who is thinking of coming to stay with them who wants to know specific things ior just wants reaasurance."

Brad, 03 April 2009

"Hi Marisha, Thanks again for arranging our tours in Moldova. We had a nice time, and I enjoyed the tour with Inna in the morning. She was very knowledgable, well-dressed, very nice and cute! I learned quite a bit from her about Chisinau and Moldova and her English was as good as other professional guides I encountered during my 3 weeks in Eastern Europe. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
The winery tour of Milestii Mici was good -- I was disappointed at the inavailability of medium-priced wines, but that is a complaint with the winery. The Lonely Planet also mentioned the winery tours were 'hilarious' and light, but they seemed to be going through the motions though. No worries though - we enjoyed it.
Boris was a good driver and friendly, and the only misunderstanding we had was that he wanted me to pay him before we got to the winery. I had enough Euro but not Lei, but he exchanged it without a problem.
Overall, it was a great trip -- thanks again!"

Scott, 15 February 2009

"Hi Marisha, your guide Elena and I went to Orheiul Vechi today. I had a great time even though the weather was cold and dreary. Elena is very knowledgeable about the site, and she is very intelligent in general. She speaks English very well and was well-prepared. Thank you."

Morten from Norway, 27 January 2009

"Good evening Marisha,
I just would like to send you my warmest wishes and thank you for a very good days at your apartment in Ciocana. I spend a very good time there and I wish that I could go back soon. Thanks for super days in Ciocana.
PS! If you want to visit Norway one time, just send me a hint and I would show you the country.
Best regards
Morten. "

Richard, 9 December 2008

"Hi Marisha. Thanks for everything. We had a great time in Chisinau! And we loved Virginia's apartment. Sylvia is great"

Damian, 23 November 2008

"Thanks for all your help! In the end I had a really good time in Moldova and Transnistria."

Steve and Becky , 24 September 2008

"Hello Marisha
We're now home from our trip to eastern Europe and we just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for arranging our trips to Milestii Mici, Tiraspol, and to Orheiul Vechi. We enjoyed them all, and our few days in Moldova were very very enjoyable. After stays at various hostels and guesthouses on our trip, it was lovely, too, to have the whole train station flat to ourselves.
Please kindly pass on our thanks and our very best wishes to Boris and Katerina, who not only met us at the station when we arrived in Chisinau, but also made sure we were comfortable at the flat, took us on the day trips, and generally looked after us! They were both very kind to us, and made our visit to Moldova a happy and smooth one.
Thanks again, Marisha, for organising our time in Moldova. We had a wonderful time and much of that is thanks to you, Boris, and Katerina."

Stephen from the UK, 5 September 2008

"Hi Marisha, We just wanted to say a big “thank you” for Natalie and Boris’s help while we were in Moldova. Everything went according to plan and the team were incredibly reliable. Natalie was an excellent guide around Old Orhei, and the trip the next day to Milestii Mici was really quite stunning. Well worth the money.
We loved Moldova, and it was a real surprise having visited 70 other countries previously. Anything negative we had read proved to be out of date or incorrect. We were lucky to be in Chisinau main square on National Day to see the locals spontaneously dancing in large groups to traditional songs.
The city was one of the safest-feeling we’ve been to, and certainly the most tree-lined. We certainly had no trouble with police, customs etc. On the contrary everyone was very helpful and friendly. Chisinau was very vibrant, and we have never seen so many new top of the range BMW’s and Mercedes, which we had not expected.
Your service could not be improved, and we are happy to recommend it.
Only one tip to visitors like us is for them to remember that you won’t be able to carry wine in hand luggage. We had to move our bottles into our main case at the airport. Luckily they survived back to the UK intact."

Julia from the USA, 3 September 2008

"Hi there Marisha! I wanted to write a positive review of the services my friends and I received when we came to stay in Chisinau. Natasha was a fabulous guide, very friendly and knowledgeable. Boris was also very amiable and I enjoyed speaking with him in Romanian on our drive to the wine cellar. Everything about our stay in your country exceeded our expectations. Our accommodations were clean, private and very comfortable. The tours we went on to Milestii Mici and Orheiul Vechi were both interesting and fun. It was fascinating for me, as a volunteer living in Romania, to visit the country of Moldova and learn about its separate but related history and culture. Plus Stefan cel Mare is a personal hero of mine, so it was exciting to get to see statues of him and money with his portrait on it. My only regret is that we couldn't spend more time in Moldova and explore even more of the countryside with our excellent guides. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone going to Moldova and hopefully I'll have a chance to come back again one day too. Thanks so much for everything!Best wishes,

Emma and Sarah from Manchester, 2 September 2008

"Hi Marisha! Just a quick email to let you know that we are back home now from Romania and Moldova. We had a fantastic time! Thanks so much for all your help, and to everybody who looked after us in Moldova!
We'll be in touch soon!
Emma and Sarah"

Mark Tristan, 27 August 2008

"Hi Marisha, just a note to say thank you - I enjoyed staying at your apartment in Ciocana. Things went smoothly, it was comfortable and I had some great sleep! It was nice to be met from the train by Natasha and Boris, and it was nice to chat with your mother at the apartment. By the way, the first thing I wanted to buy on arrival was a street-map of the city, but Natasha was not sure where to get one; we tried at Fidesco but they do not sell it. I found one down town the next day, but not before getting lost a couple of times. Perhaps for the first-time visitor you could ask if they would like a map before they arrive, for a few Euros on the bill? Just a thought :). The one I bought was excellent, from a bookshop on Pushkin str; it had not only bus & trolley nos. but also marshrutka nos as well.
Oh and the other thing I discovered was that it's almost impossible to change American Express travellers' cheques. I would advise anybody against bringing them.
Finally thanks for the advice too about coming by train via Kuchurgan. I didn't have any real problems crossing through Pridnestrovie; although the border guard did ask if I had dollars, Euros, Mastercard or Visa, but I just shook my head and ignored him. Also, I can also confirm it's possible to travel Chisinau-Lvov (and on to Poland) by train on odd dates as well as even ones. At first the train station staff told me it's impossible, but you can go from Chisinau-Zhmerinka on those days and you then change at Zhmerinka to Lvov -- and yes, the station staff can issue a ticket for the whole journey, even if they don't seem like they want to!
I certainly enjoyed my visit and thanks for all your help, both personally and on the website. I will book again if I come back to Chisinau -- possibly at Christmas or in the New Year.

John from the UK, 28 August 2008

"Hi marisha, Thank you for all your arrangements with Moldova and Transdnistria. we had a wonderful time,especially with Lena and her family on the farm. They were all so friendly and welcoming. Once more,thank you for all your help. Best wishes"

Francis from the UK, 26 August 2008

"Dear Marisha, I just thought I'd drop you a note to express my appreciation for the service you and your colleagues provided on my recent visit to Chisinau and
Tiraspol. When I missed my outward connecting flight owing to delays in London, I was able at very short notice to arrange to be picked up at Chisinau airport after midnight. Although I was travelling about and doing things independently, both Boris and Natalia were frequently on hand to provide help and advice. Their assistance helped ensure that I enjoyed my stay at your flat in Ciocana.
Thank you all very much."

Micheal from Ireland, 25 August 2008

"Hi Marisha, You assisted me in July, when I was in Chisinau. You organised 4 tours for me - Transdniestr, Orheiul Vechi, Milesti Mici and the City tour. They were excellent, and my sincere thanks go to you, and especially Natasha amd Boris. They made my holiday memorable. Perhaps you would specially thank Natasha for me. I asked her to post some cards for me in Tiraspol, and true to her word, they arrived to-day. Again my gratitude to all.
Slan agus beannacht"

Danny & Donia from the UK, 19 August 2008

"Hi, we wanted to thank you all for our very nice stay in Moldova. We only stayed 3 days but it was very interesting, especially the guided tours with Natasha to the Monasteries and Transdniestr. Please pass on our thanks to Natasha and Boris, who were both very helpful and provided an interesting insight into your country and its history. We hope to be back some time, and if that happens we'd definitely like to stay at the train station flat and use your services again."

Stephen from the UK, 07 August 2008

"Hi Just returned from a visit to Moldova at the end of July. Only spent 2 days there but was looked after really well by Natasha and Boris. Everything was done very professionally and there were no problems at all. Please pass on my regards and thanks once again for making my stay a memorable one.
Best wishes

Mattias from Sweden, 28 July 2008

"Hi Marisha, Back at work after e few week's holiday!
The trip back to Warsaw was long, interesting and safe! Everything OK and we arrived on schedule at our destination. We really enjoyed the tea served by our friendly train host.

Many thanks for the arrangement in Chisinau, the tours and the accomodation in Ciocana was perfect. Yesterday evening I ended my dinner with some Kvint, the visit to Tiraspol was very nice. We however feel that the trip to Bender was a bit to quick, we had to rush pass the castle with only a quick stop to take pictures from a far distance. Boris kept telling us that this was because we would run into problems if we got closer to the castle, I don't know but maybe he was eager to get back to Moldova before border"police" would get drunk and difficult to deal with. (We had no problems what so ever thanks to Boris!) The guide was perfect, she was very knowledgeble in the history and the different sights.

I feel that Moldova is a place I would like to visit again, we only had 3 days and that is far from enough. I would like to visit the northen parts, it was a pleasure standing in the train window looking at the scenery around Balti and Drochia! A positive thing with trains running extremely slow!"

Dan from the UK, 14 July 2008

"Hello Marisha, Just a quick note to thank you for the advice on my banking problem (Chip&Pin cards) and I am pleased to report that I was able to withdraw from the Victoria Bank as you advised. I really enjoyed the trip to Mile�tii Mici! Thanks again!"

Frank from USA, 13 July 2008

"Hi Marisha, I just wanted to let you, Natasha, and Boris know that I really enjoyed the trip to Tiraspol. What an interesting city. I would have liked to have some extra time to see some other places but I was happily suprised to see that there was quite a lot to cover even in just one day. Boris is quite a driver and was very helpful even though I only know a very little Russian. Thanks to him, border crossings were uneventful, in fact they went smoother than the crossings to/from Romania & Moldova. Everything was as you said- a safe and easy trip. Natasha is an excellent guide and I learned a lot about Moldova and Transdniester and was able to take many photographs. I was also very happy with the accomodation; this was the first time for me to stay in a hostel so I didn't know what to expect, but everything was very good. I will like to visit Moldova again especially if I can convince someone else to join me this time. I will certainly look you up again if I will return in the future. Thanks again to everyone for a very memorable experience. Kind Regards, Frank"

Jarkko from Canada, 9 July 2008

"Previt Marisha ,
I just wanted to write to you and say thanks for being such a helpful and gracious host by making me and Claudia feel welcome in Moldova ,the facilities you provided were really good as was the price for the private double room, Natalia and Boris were also very friendly and helpful too. O
nce again thanks for all of the help you provided ,i really miss Moldova and i will come back again ;)
I will recommend your flat to other people i know ,and maybe they will come and stay there .
Spasiba bolshoi ,
da svidanya

Helen from the UK, 30 June 2008

"Hello Marisha
I just wanted to write to thank you for arranging the visits for us. We had a fantastic time in Moldova, and were made to feel really welcome by everyone we met. I was very impressed with Chisinau and Tiraspol and the wine of course!
I would like to pass on our special thanks to Boris and Lena. Despite the language barrier Boris kept us entertained and we understood what was happening most of the time! We had a great time in Tiraspol last Sunday and Lena was the perfect host.
You have a lovely country and I can see why you look forward to returning each summer. I hope more people will decide to visit Moldova!
Thank you
King Regards
Helen and Andrew"

Tristan from Scotland, 24 June 2008

"Hi Marisha! I just want to say a BIG "thank you" for all your help and friendly service to myself and my friend Mark on our recent visit to Chisinau. Your numerous text messages allowed us to make it to the apartment on time for the wine tour, with good planning and information. The Milestii Mici wine tour was fantastic, an awsome place, with nice wine tasting and food afterwards. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Natasha for her excellent guided tour of the monasteries and the village. Her knowledge of Moldova is brilliant and it is a pleasure to have such a lovely, friendly guide. It was very pleasant to meet the other guests at the apartment and share some stories about our travels. Also, thanks to Boris for the driving. I will certainly be coming back to Moldova and will recommend your services to all my friends in Scotland."

Tomas&Danka, 23 June 2008

"Hi Marisha / Lena, Just I want to thank you for all your help/info and accommodation you provided us before/during our stay in Moldova. We visited lot of nice places and really enjoyed our stay there, it was our best holidays we have had so far.
Thanks again and all the best"

John, 14 June 2008

"The Art - Rustic Hotel you recommended was fabulous! The staff was friendly and helpful. The internet connection worked great and they have a wonderful location and atmosphere. Boris was funny and went out of his way to help us. He drove well and greatly expedited our border crossing. Natashia was very sweet and helpful. We had a great time in Moldova!"

Mark from England, 10 June 2008

"I would like to thank Natasha, Boris & "Bob" for a great (but too short) stay in Moldova. Brandy for breakfast (bad Boris!) now routine(only kidding). Met a nice bunch of fellow travellers at the apartment which made it even better. Only problem was the low quality of the wine on the wine tour. For all of us not just a wine professional like myself. Also they should send one of there staff to see how things are done in other wine countries as regards tastings & information. All in all a good trip,Monastery is lovely & we are planning a return visit in the future."

Mike & Gavin, 26May 2008

"Hi Marisha, Just a quick message to ask you to thank Natalia for her very interesting tour of Chisinau on Thursday. We had a marvellous time in Moldova on our way to Kiev, and were able to get tickets for the night train with Natalies assistance, even though the train was very busy. The station apartment was excellent - I am so glad we took the offer to use it for the day, even though we were hardly in it, it was great to have somewhere safe to leave our bags and a nice shower when we got there was most welcome, and Boris went out of his way to make sure we found the right car on the train, so many thanks to him too. The train to Kiev turned into a real adventure - not unexpectedly, as I had heard many tales of trouble with the Transdeniestr border guards. They made a fuss about our passports as Moldova had not put an exit stamp, and then told us to empty pockets onto the table - I put my wallet and my camera. Obviously they wanted money - I put a few Euros on the table and they all laughed and got very excited, and a total of 6 guards appeared. They told us that they wanted 20 Euros from each of us. I eventually paid them 15 Euros each after they got handcuffs out and told us we would have to get off the train - but I know they weren't serious as there was a lot of laughing as if it was a good game. They then handed our passports back and ran to jump off the train just as it started moving. Just as they were leaving I noticed that they had also stolen my camera from the table. I shouted and ran to the door, and the train staff shouted at them too but the train was moving too fast to do anything more about it. A very expensive mistake for me to show them the camera but while I had expected to have to pay something, I did not expect them to actually steal something too! So sadly I lost all the photos I had taken in Chisinau, but we still have lots of great memories. Perhaps you can warn other travellers that they will use the excuse of no exit stamp from Moldova as "a small problem" in order to ask for money. Moldova don't stamp foreign passports on the train, so this excuse will always work! Anyway this was just a small problem and the rest of the trip was fantastic. The Moldovans in our carriage gave us lots to eat and drink - very hospitable people. Thanks again We hope to return for a longer stay some time."

Julien, 21 May 2008

"Many thanks for Lena for the tour of Tiraspol and its organisation. It was a very good day for me, I emjoyed it very much"

Marcelle from USA, 20 May 2008

"To all visitors to Chisinau, do not hesitate to contact Marisha! She promptly and thoroughly responded to all of my inquiries, and even called during my tour to make sure that everything was going ok. My guide for a city tour was Natalia, who took the time to customize the tour to my interests and was most professional but friendly at the same time. Thank you to both for making my first-time visit to Chisinau so enjoyable!"

Harm from Netherlands, 18 May, 2008

"Thanks for the tour to Tiraspol. i really enjoyed it"

Igor from Czech Republic, May, 9, 2008

"Thanks for the help. Regards to Boris as well."

Aggelos, May, 3, 2008

"Hello marisha,
We are in cyprus now and we happily remember the very nice time we spent in moldova with Natalia and Mr Boris. Natalia explained us everything and informed in detail the monuments of the city. She was very patient and professional to her job. But above all now we consider her as a friend.
Thank you all!"

Jamie, April 24-25, 2008

"Thx for the friendly people you sent to pick me up. I had good time In chisanou."

Shields, April, 14, 2008

Our trip to Moldova was very nice and we enjoyed it quite a bit. Thank you for helping us organize everything. Everything was just fine and we had no problems at all. The visit to Chisinau and Tiraspol was well planned and coordinated. Everything went according to plan, the prices we paid for accommodation and services was very reasonable and everything was made easy for us during our stay. Please also thank Elena for the great hospitality and assistance during the trip to Tiraspol. Best regards from Brussels

Leila, March, 23, 2008

Marisha many thanks! Your parents were so helpful and friendly and I had a great time in Chisinau. I also got to the airport perfectly on time, no troubles, which was great.

Iiri and his 7 friends from Estonia, March 3-5, 2008

"Dear Marisha,
I and all our group sends you best regards and thanks for the help to organize our tour in Moldova with the accommodation and transport. We were all very pleased with the places we saw, thank you for the travel tips. Special thank to our driver Sasha, he was also like a guide for us telling about moldovan life and customs, it was really great!
Everybody liked the countryside, food and open warm-hearted people, so we were very happy that we choose to come to Moldova. Visiting the history museum gave us understanding how common can be two countries� histories � Estonia has also been a small country always conquered by somebody bigger and same problems that we faced after the soviet era.
We realized that we have to come back at the fruit season, when everything is ready to eat J and there are more interesting places to see and visit.

Thanks again for your help!
With best wishes,
Iiri and friends"

Marrku from Finland, February 27-29, 2008

"Hi Marisha!
I just want to thank you for the unforgettable experience in Moldova! And also thanks to Boris, your father,, without him it is impossible to find your house,, they all look so same :) And it was big surprise to me that so many people in Moldova can speak english, helps me a lot. One of my friends is planning to go to Moldova and of course I recommend your place. What a pitty I had so tight schedule that I didn�t have more time to be in Moldova,,
And don�t forget to tell greetings to Lena. She is the great person, we had a great time in Tiraspol.

All the best to you and your husband,,

David from France, November, 2007

"We had a great stay in Moldova (thanks to you and our guide Natalia). Please, thank Natalia for being our guide because we discover a nice country with very nice people."

Elizabeth, October, 2007

"Hello Marisha,
I am home again after a very good trip to Moldova. My stay with Boris and Katya went very well and they were very welcoming. We managed to understand each other well at a basic level but it would have been nice to have a language in common so as to have more conversation! Katya's cooking was delicious.
Boris said that unfortunately it was impossible to visit Tipova and Saharna because of reconstruction work. I was very disappointed. We went to Soroca instead but he did not know that the fort is shut on Tuesdays so we were unable to visit it. The visit to Orheiul Vechi was lovely and we were very lucky with the weather.
My visit to Tiraspol went well. I took the local bus and only had to pay 10 lei to get in and nothing to get out!
Thank you very much for everything you organised for me. I really enjoyed my visit to your lovely country.

All the best to you and your family

Antonny from Canada, September, 2007

"Dear Marisha,
Many thanks indeed for arranging everything for me: my brief trip to your very interesting homeland of Moldova was quite splendid. My thanks are also due, of course, to your mother and Boris (and Natasha) for looking after me so well. I think the highlight was staying at Ivancha.

With, again, many thanks and all best wishes,

Fr. Bill Haymaker from England, February, 2005

"Dear Marisha,

I can not thank you enough for all your hospitality and care this past week during my visit to Moldova. You made me feel at home, welcome, safe, and truly made me feel as if I immediately had a new friend in Moldova.
For anyone who is considering coming to Moldova, if you want to learn how people live, about lifestyles, and customs, I can highly recommend Marisha. I was so impressed by her professionalism as well as her warm personality and her ability to anticipate my needs.
Each of us who travel come with different expectations. For some it is the adventure, for others it may be because of work requirements, and for some, it is for the purpose of pure and simple pleasure. Marisha fulfils all of these needs.
Her home is lovely. It is welcoming and if you�re really nice to her, you may even get her to play her guitar and sing for you! Marisha should charge more for what she offers, but I suspect she also personally gains from our visits.
Whatever your needs, be it advice, visa assistance, tour guide, translator, I can think of no one who is better suited than Marisha.
If you�ve not been to Moldova, please go visit. You will be hard pressed to find lovelier people anywhere in this world!

I wish you Peace

Bill Haymaker Director,
Project New Life Romania "

Kevin, December 2004

"Hi Everyone,
Had a really good time seeing Chisinau and Tiraspol.
Glad I asked for a pick-up and the train station though as I doubt I'd have found my own way to her appartment by Marshrute Taxi - the roads and buildings all look the same - it's hard enough when you've already done the journey before!
I did not find Trans-Dneistr to be backward as described in many places - eg Lonely Planet. It's very clean and transport etc seems to be very efficient. There's a brand new sports stadium and the train station in Tiraspol has just been refurbished! I was pleasantly surprised. I would compare the feeling of being there with it being in Minsk (if that helps anyone!) Who said communism doesnt work???!
I would recommend travelling from West to East through Moldova then T-D then Ukraine as opposed to the other direction. I know of one person who had to bribe their way into T-D from Ukraine - after much questioning! When I left T-D into Ukraine by train to Odesa, there weren't even any border check from the Trans-Dniestrians - only the Ukrainian lots came round. (Make sure you have your visa sorted first though!) The Ukrainian border guard was very helpful - she even talked me though the arrival card in English!
Thank you Marisha for putting me up in your place, and thanks to your Aunt in Tiraspol too!

Good luck with the hostel project. Moldova needs a travellers hostel!!

Virginia from Chisinau, December 2004

"Besarabca - where the earth ends (or maybe is born ))).
This was my first trip to the countryside of the Transdniestr and I am very happy that Marisha shared this part of the world with me.
We had some job to do in Tiraspol and at the end she made a proposal to visit her cousins guesthouse and Besarabca. I was curious to visit Lena's house. The bus to Karmanova, Besarabca's neibourgh village left from Tiraspol urban station at 11:30. We had a long, 2 hours trip in an old Soviet bus, but villages and view of the area and the Dniestr river that were flitting behind the window were marvelous. We arrived in Karmanova 2 hours later and had to walk 12 kilometres more to Besarabka. But we were lucky and very soon we were picked-up by a cool soviet van and went in its back about 5 km, experiencing hard comfort of a soviet jeep ))).
Our van was heading its way to Kolosovo and we had to get off in the middle of his way and take right to an untrodden path to Besarabka. The other 7 kilometres we walked on foot. No one was on our road or nearby - just birds on the trees breaking the silence of that cool December afternoon with their songs. And rustles in the
bushes along the road. We walked, and walked, and walked ... Until we reached a hill with a village on top of it. Hurrah!!! This was Besarabca!!!
What I found in Basarabca didn�t disappoint me - absolute quietness, bright stars, never-ending sky, wood fire, natural food, apple wine, hard working people, local �aborigines� ))) Life is not easy there, but my host, Lena is just happy to live there.
Did not expect to find here city comfort, but it was challenging for me to experience day-by-day live that my grandparents lived.
I would recommend Besarabca to those who wants to see Moldavian countryside, to see how village and its people live, and who do not mind to forget about city for at least one or two days.


Jean-Claude, September 2004

" Dear Marisha,
I just quickly wanted to express my thoughts on Moldova so far.
First of all, crossing the border was very easy and pleasant; first impressions are always important, especially seeing that Moldova wants to develop tourism. I hope it succeeds in doing so, but I must say I enjoy visiting countries that are not crawling with tourists.
I like Chisinau for its greenery, nice clean parks, wide avenues and streets, "millions" of cafes and restaurants, very convenient microbuses, excellent museums and relaxed atmosphere.
I find people here very civil/polite, non-aggressive (even in the markets), honest, generous and always ready to help. Not everyone is like that of course, and sometimes service in cafes and restaurants can be cold and abrupt.
I have found the food excellent, whether it be in the restaurants or in the market. Last night, I had an excellent meal at Sanatate, probably very expensive for Moldovans, but quite affordable for foreigners.
Molodova is also an excellent place for me to learn Russian as most information is posted in both Russian and Moldovan. I understand enough Moldovan to use it to learn Russian. Some time in the future, I would like to come back and study Russian here ...


Andy Lord from USA, June 2004

I had a wonderful time staying in Moldova at Marisha's Apartment Hostel! 
Moldova was a very interesting place, very different than anywhere I've ever been!! Marisha was a great help with everything and even came to pick me up at the train station!
Her apartment is a little far from the city center,  but that makes it even better as I got to see much of the city i would not  have, plus it is easily accessible by mini bus and a cheap taxi ride!! 
There is another country that is fun to go visit, probably one of the few places where you get to really see some old soviet union! It's a little  stressful at first, but as long as you have your papers in order and your proper visa, there is no hastle anywhere!!
I fully recommend checking out  Moldova, especially if you are in for a real learning experience!! Plus 
Marisha's Hostel is fully equipped with anything you need, such as internet,  cooking, bath, and laundry!!
Make sure to ask about the Moldovan Mead!!

Thanks Marisha!!!
Andy Lord "