Maria's house in Ivancea, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Food and wine, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Lying in camomiles, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

3 bed dorm, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Ivancea lake, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

In sauna, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Out in the field, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Red currant, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Green onions right from the garden, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Local pets, Moldovan countryside, Katherine's guesthouse in Ivancea village

Ivancha is a big village located in Orhei district 45 km north of Chisinau / Kishinev, 15 km east-south of Orhei town and on the way to wel known tourist destination Orheiul Vechi in Trebujeni / Butuceni villages.

The name of IVANCHA has a slavic origin and was given to the village by Ukranian Cossacks who founded this settlement at the beginning of the 19th century in Besarabia, the new gubernia of Russia. The legend says that the first settler was coming from the eastern steps of "Zaporojie" and seeing a very nice area surrounded by many lakes and forest has stopped his coachman Ivan and the horses by saying "Ivan - Cha" (which means Ivan stop the horses) to settle here. The place was just perfect for it being in the heart of Codry forest reservation, surrounded by plenty of lakes, many springs with drinking water and rich blacksoil fields.

Nowadays the village is inhabited in majority by ukranians, speaking an Ukranian dialect that was very much influenced by Russian and Moldovan languages.

Katherine or Katya, how we call her, is a nice Ukranian woman in her 50s who was born and live in Ivancha. She has a big cosy house in the old part of the village that is always opened for friends and guests. Katya, doesn't speak English, but her daughter or granddaughter, that are visiting her very often could assist and translate.

There is a big house, a summer kitchen, a finish sauna, a car garage and a big winecellar in the yard of the household. The house has 2 double rooms and one 3 bed dorm. There is also an old Ukranian stove in the anteroom that can sleep freely 3-4 people who are looking to experience a autentic life style of Moldovan rural folks.

Katya and her husband Boris are retired and have a small piece of land where they grow crops, fruits and vegetable for themselves and their kids, who live in Chisinau town. She will cook for you from the best of the Ukrainian and Moldovan cuisin.

The best time to come and stay is from mid-April and till late October. Every month is very different here and the life style of this family is very much determined by the season.

In April enjoy the revival of the nature from the winter hibernation. This is the season of white blossom of the fruit trees and of the red tulips. Evenings are chilly and afternoons are warm. Meals are cooked/served with plenty of the green onion from Katya's garden. Farmers plant crops on the fields. Forest is covered with a colourful carpet of wild flowers.

May is the season of strawberies and cherries in Katya's garden. Also, fresh reddish and salads. Camomile is in blossom and can be picked up for herbal teas. Water in lakes is warm and good for swimming.

June - August are very hot. It is best to stay in the house in the midday and do most of the walking in the mornings and late afternoons when the heat falls down. Fresh in the garden and on the table: cucumbers, tomatoes, egg-plants, green beans, red and black currant, raspberries, new potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn. This is the season of picking fruits and vegetable for the winter time. August is the time of the water melons which Boris is very proud of.

September - October we collect grapes and make wine. The forest dresses its yellow-red costume and pleases the eyes. It's not as hot anymore and very nice time for walks.

Suggested contribution :

30 Euro per day for a bed and delicious country organic food cooked by Katya (brekfast and evening meal);

Boris have a soviet Lada car and can pick you up from the main road and transfer to Ivancea, or transfer from/to Chisinau, or drive you to Orheiul Vechi settlement and back, or drive you to any other destination withing Moldova and Transdniestr.



Directly by minibus from the Central bus station in Chisinau, trip lasts about 30 minutes and costs about 2 Euro. 10 minibuses a day running from 9:30 am and untill 7 pm.
Chisinau - Ivancea at 9:30, 15:30 and 19:00 daily
Chisinau - Butuceni via Ivancea at 10:20 and 18:15
Chisinau - Branesti via Ivancea at 10:45 and 16:30
Chisinau - Furceni via Ivancea at 12:00 and 17:30

Make sure you get 20-15 minutes before the departure in a week day and 30 min on Friday and Saturday to get a seat

Optionally, take a bus to ORHEI town, get off at Ivancea (road to the right) and take a cab from the bus stop or walk 3 km to the village. Buses or minibuses to Orhei depart from the Central bus station in Chisinau. Cost of the ride is around 2 Euro and ride lasts about 30 minutes. A ride to Ivancea in a cab costs about 2-3 Euro.

Return to Chisinau : minibuses leave from the bus stop in front of the school in Ivancea at 06:45, 06:22, 07:44, 07:50, 11:30, 13:25, 14:14, 17:00, 17:07 daily and at 12:22 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

By taxi : taxi will cost you around 40 Euro from Chisinau to Ivancea. You can also book our driver&host Boris for a transfer

Sarah's stay in Ivancea July,07

IMPORTANT: The facilities at this house as in many other houses in rural moldova are rather basic. Toilet is clean, but outdoors. There is no shower or bath here. We will be happy to heat some water for your morning/evening shower and you can wash in the sauna. Teeth brushing is done at the sink by the kitchen outdoors.