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Moldova & Transdniestr with eyes of Non-Moldovans (mainly personal websites)

Nepolibene Moldavsko by Ian Plesinger in Lide a Zeme and Holuboje aneb Cesi v Moldavsku in National Geographic - articles about Moldova in Czech language. One of the articles tells about small Czech community living for more than a century in Cahul region in Moldova
Flying The Ilyushin 18D: KIV-BZY-BZY-KIV - an interesting story about flying the Iliushin 18 D from Chisinau to Balti. Loads of photos of the plane and Chisinau and Balti airports.
2009 Falesti Orphanage project are a UK based charity raising funds and aid to help some of the poorest parts of Eastern Europe help themselves where 70% of its population are living under the poverty level. This year the charity is focusing on a small village in Northern Moldova to help repair and decorate the village school and orphanage. Please see for further information on projects, fund raising events, donating and joining as a volunteer - the main aim of the site is to make people understand about the problems in Moldova so that we can do something about it.
Europe-East - the English mirror of with loads of useful information about Moldova and Transdniestr, as well as many other countries from the Eastern Europe and the "Soviet Union" block

Not Enough Room To Swing A Rabid Dog - Steph & Rob's visit of Chisinau in October, 2007 on TravelBlog
Moldova in German - A collection of links to websites about Moldova in German and English
Moldova&Transdniestr travel story of a French guy who visited Moldova in August, 2007. He went to Tiraspol and made great photos out of his trip. The sketch of his travel to Moldova and Tiraspol in French is here
Moldova by bike - Gregor has visited Moldova by bike in May 2005. Read his story and see the pictures on his page.
Chisinau City Guide - The's Moldova Travel Guide with general info on: the national tourist board & local city tourist boards, EU status, currency & weather, low cost airlines offering bargain or cheap European flights and International Airlines flying to Chisinau airport. Also covers over 30 other cities in Eastern Europe.
Moldova in Czech - very good tourist-friendly website in Czech only (unfortunately) about Moldova including Transnistria and even surrounding attractions like Bilhorod Dnistrovskiy alias Cetatea Alba - site about Moldova in sweedish language, run by two Swedes tied to the church, currently working with street kids
Moldova&Romania - by Leif Peterson, the editor of the Romania & Moldova Lonely Planet guide book, 2007. Travel tips for travelers
Budapest2Beijing via Moldova - Lluis Ribas' blog page about his trip to Moldova in summer, 2006. Here: Chisinau / Kishinev town, Capriana monastery, Transdniestr, La Taifas restaurant, People and Flamingo night club in Chisinau.
Brad's blog about Moldova - Brad is a Peace Corps Volunteer who was evacuated from service in Uzbekistan after 6 months and now serving in Moldova. Read about his activity in Gagauz town Ceadir-Lunga.
Kris's travel blogs about Moldova - my husband Kris is sharing his travel and personal experience about Moldova - Otto de Voogdt travel story about Moldova with practical information and costs. Travel experience of this summer, 2004 - story, photos, visa, transportation, money, costs. - These pages contain photos, short video clips, and some emails or stories wrote by an American about Moldova during several trips there .
Tabibito's Balkan-Seiten
- very useful information about Moldova in German language
Virtual Kishinev - (Chisinau)-the network of immigrants from Moldova.
- Father Bill Haymaker has been serving children in crisis for over 20 years. He has visited Moldova in February 2005 and tells to other people about the needs in this area. Children in prison, homeless children, children who are treated as sexual toys and traded and shipped around the world, children with correctable physical deformities, starving children at the countryside. - The village of Budesti: about the village, meet Natalia, young people of Budesti, the cemetery, the local priest, a family of five children trying to survive, the mayor and her community center.
moldova and me - As a 2002 Peace Corps Health Education Volunteer in The Republic of Moldova, I worked with the Ministry of Education and the community of Cotiujeni to develop health education materials for schools.
Ten Things To Do in Moldova - PeaceCorps volunteers' recommendations - a basic overview of Transdniestr at the Wikipedia site.

Alle Freunde Rumaeniens-Moldova - yahoo Group of friends of Romania and Moldova in German
6 Days in Moldova by a group of Scottish - you will find usefull tips about Chisinau here, on things to do and to see in Moldova and a very precious recomenadations on places to drink in Chisinau

All about Moldova

Directory Moldova - Informational portal with loads of useful sites from Moldova
The Moldova guide - is your guide to Moldova in English. Very usefull and up-to-date!!!
The Moldovan Connection - a website about Moldova with loads of useful information for travelers.
"... while many other websites about Moldova seem to hide the sad truth behind the cliche (but not necessarily wrong) phrases like "Moldova is very beautiful, Moldovan people are very hospitable and Moldovan wine is very good", my website tended to show mostly the downsides. I try now to balance out any bias I might have, but it's not easy ..." - author's site description. - the official site of the Department of Tourism of Moldova. You will find here plenty of official information regarding visa, travel, accommodation, sightseeing and many many others. Site is in English, Russian and Moldovan. - hungarian site with links to Moldovan useful websites. All links are organised in groups and described in brief by the author of the site.

Forums & discussions

English Moldova - Moldovan Forum in English. Travel, business, love in Moldova, residency, expats in Moldova and other categories are listed. Members from Moldova and abroad we'll make your Moldova Safe, Predictable and even Fun :)) - Mostly English, with emphasis on budget travel - English and Moldovan. This forum is only about ASKING QUESTIONS. - Moldovan only, very active - Different topics, Moldovan and Russian only
chat moldova - chat moldova

Cities and towns of Moldova - Directory of cities and towns in Moldova. Useful information about its location, distance between the towns. - Find the distance between two towns or cities of Moldova
Kishinev - Very informative and friendly guide on Chisinau in English, Russian and Moldovan languages. Tells to visitors about the architecture, monuments, parks and main sightseein of the city. Shows some old photographs of the buildings and streets.
Chisinau - A complete information guide on Moldova's capital. - Web page of Dondiusheni town (only russian and romanian) - Web page of Ungheni town (only russian and romanian) - Web page of Dubossary town (only russian)
Five centuries of Ialoveni town - The web site of Ialoveni town, Republic of Moldova
Suruceni MD - Official site of Moldovan village, news, interesting projects, and more interesting
Ocnita City - Historical materials of Ocnita town, old and new photos of the town, famous citizens, news.
Tiraspol - Unofficial site of Tiraspol, the capital of the Republic of Transdniestr (in Russian) - facts and news about Transdniestr in English - another useful site about Transdniestr and its main town in English - news and opinions about Transdniestr in English

Maps of Moldova and Chisinau

Map of Transdniestr - detailed map of Transdniestr and Tiraspol in English. Also, Chisinau and some other towns of Moldova
Chisinau map on - interactive map of Chisinau town with a search of address/street name available (first left window in the bottom panel)

Moldova map on - interactive map of Moldova and Transdniestr. Towns and villages in MD and TD.
Topographic map of Moldova north and south- This is a detailed topographic map of Moldova and Transdniestr. The map is in cyrillic letters with the moldovan village descriptions and with a transcription of latin letters.
Maps of Moldova poitical, ethnic, etc plus of the other Soviet Republics
Map of Moldova and Chisinau at the MapQuest
Map of Chisinau at AllMoldova - in the local Internet in English. Lets you find the street and shows its location on the map


Moldova Hotels, Chisinau Hotels - A list of available hotels in Moldova. Descriptions, room rates, photos and online reservations.
Chisinau Discount Hotels - Hotel Guide to Chisinau
Apartment in Moldova for visitors - Accomodation in Kishinev. Nice and comfortable private flat in the central part of the city.
Private Hotel "Matis" - Private Hotel "Matis" is situated in the elite part of Chisinau. Hotel "Matis" is the best place for your rest.

Transportation - Car rent in Chisnau / Kishinev - Car rent in Chisnau / Kishinev
car rental - car rental - Your Train - CIS railway timetable
Public Transportation - Routes, Shedules and Route Maps of Buses, Trolley-Buses and Routed Vans in Kishinev, also Maps of Moldova and Kishinev, a PhotoGallery featuring Transport of Kishinev, many links to Transportation Sites...


Migration Rules for Business owners - this webpage will explaine how you can get the residency permit if planning to work or open a business in Moldova
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova - read about the entry Visas for the Republic of Moldova from the first sourse

West East Travel - visa support, accommodation, car/van rental, busines and travel services in Moldova - list of Moldovan embassies abroad and of the foreign embassies in Moldova!.htm

Sightseeing Moldova

Saharna Monastery - A place worth to see in Moldova
Botanical gardens in Moldova (Chisinau and Balti) and East Europe - amateur site about gardens and gardening in italian language. English version of some parts of the site is also available

Extreme Moldova

Moldovan Mountaineering - this site belongs to a club of alpinist from Moldova called "Magic Lamp" and has news, itineraries and photos of club's activity.

Rest houses & health centres

Hotel Laguna - lusury hotel on the bank of Dniestr river.


Wine - Moldovan Wine Club, English  - Wine tours
Moldova Wine Page - Everything about the famous Moldovan wines.

Photo collections

12000 photo about Moldova - Press-photographer

Art and music

Moldovan cinematography - extremely precious site for those who are interested in films produced in Moldova. Contains information about Moldovan actors of past and present, movies produced in Moldova and organization that are involved in film industry in Moldova. Unfortunately, just in Moldovan language. - this site contains information about bands and singers from Moldova. You may download songs from here.

Expats Moldova

EnglishMoldova forum : meet expats and make friends on our forum

The Virtual Jewish History Tour on Moldova



Gays and Lesbians - informative web server of gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals of Moldova

Root finding


Flower and gifts delivery - flowers and gifts delivery to Chisinau, Moldova
Flowers Delivery to Moldova - online flowers and gifts delivery service to Moldova

Valuable accommodation, travel and busines services at our neighbours and worldwide

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