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Marriage of Daniel and Dorina in Moldova

Marriage of Kris and Marisha in Chisinau

Common questions and answers

"When legalising my documents, do i need to get them legalised before i get them translated into Moldovan, or can i get it all translated and then get the lot legalised?? " Ross&Irina, 01/2007

They should be first legalized with the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) in your country and the Moldovan embassy abroad (or your embassy in Moldova or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moldova). And only after translated into Moldovan.

"For the Legalization at Foreign & Commonwealth Office, cost is 19 pounds each, i am applying by post so i have to pay for special delivery envelopes the cost of two is 8.50 pounds. Total paid out so far 46.50 pounds. I emailed the Embassy about the cost of the two documents, i have to buy a postal order for 66 pounds ( they will be a charge for the postal order, not sure what this will be, and i will have to buy envelopes another 8.50 pounds
So the total cost is 121 pounds." English citizen, november 2005

"Demande d'Extrait de Casier Judiciaire" (Criminal Records Certificate) is FREE. People BORN in France may get it from : Procureur de la Republique (where they are born) People NOT born in France (but living there) get it from: Casier Judiciaire National, 44317 Nantes, Cedex 3 The document is available on Internet. Just print it out, fill it in and add a copy of your passport etc. Then send it by mail. Get it back in 1-2 weeks. WEB-SITE= www.
Bjorn, France, March 06

"I posted French Ambassy in Chisinau a mail they replied with suspicion but very kindly. Their web site and other online ressources are out of date. Many useful informations may be retrieved from among them how to ask for documents online (birth certificates, Criminal records certificate"
Meher, France, Nov. 05

"I got everything accomplished within my three week vacation. Including getting married, and doing all the various forms with Dorina, and with the US Embassy."


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Legislation of the Republic of Moldova

In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova (29 July, 1994) the family represents a natural and basic component of the society and has to be protected by the society and the state. The marriage is registered on the basis of a joint application of persons, willing to marry. Minimal nubility for men is 18 years and for women is 16 years.

Marriage can not be concluded:
- if even one of the newly-married is being already married,
- between people of the same sex.

Marriage legislation that is currently in force:
Family Code of the Republic of Moldova Nr.1316-XIV from October, 26, 2000.
Law of the Republic of Moldova about the civil status acts Nr.100-XV from April, 26, 2001
Regulations about the Medical examination before the marriage, approved by the order of the Ministry of Health Nr.396 from September, 6, 1995.

Required documents

A foreign citizen must provide the following documents to the registrar office in Moldova with his&his wife-to-be application form:

  • Passport
  • Certificate of No Impediment (Certificate issued by the competent authorities of his country that the basic conditions required by national law are accomplished and there is no impediment to the marriage)
  • Copy of birth certificate

All the documents need to have an Apostille stamp on them. This can be done with a solicitor who offers a public notary service in your area.

Translation of the documents
and their legalization at the notary in Moldova

You need to translate the following documents in Moldovan language and than legalize it with any Moldovan notary:

  • Passport (the page with your photo and personal data);
  • Certificate of No Impediment;
  • Copy of birth certificate.

Most of the notaries in Chisinau and Moldova have a list of licensed translators who may translate your documents. And vice versa, you may leave your documents at a translation agencies and they will make the translation and legalization of the documents for you.

We've made our docs in the translator office "Ad Libitium" situated on 1, Alecu Russo street, 8th floor, office 807. Convenient to those who live in Riscani or Ciocana area. Opened: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. Translation + notarial legalization of 4 docs cost us about 200 lei (15 USD). Made within a day. Telephone: (+37322) 43-81-56

Civilian registrar's office

OFICIUL STARII CIVILE (Civilian registrar's office) in Chisinau registers marriages, births, deaths, and name changes. It is situated on 1, Maria Cebotari street opposite to the American Embassy building. For consultations and applying for your marriage knock into the door of the 3rd office. Telephone: +37322 238919

You may make your application in any of these days: Tuesday - Thursday from 8:30 am to 5 pm, lunch time from 12 am to 1 pm.

Additionaly to the application you have to present:

- Copy of your passport, Certificate of No Impediment, Copy of birth certificate (all translated into Moldovan and legalised by a Moldovan notary);
- Buletin de identitate and Birth Certificate (applies to the Moldovan citizen only);

- Medical certificate from any hospital in Chisinau (HIV test);
- 500 lei (about 45 USD) paid for registrar's services, the proper marriage taking place in 1 month term after the application. To make it snap you will be paying about 700 USD.

Marisha and Kris in traditional Moldovan wedding dress, mummy and cousin's family at the Civilian registrar in ChisinauWeddings takes place at the same office every Friday and Saturday as appointed.

It is not necessarily to have a translator at the registration of the marriage and your Moldovan fiance can make the translation for you.

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