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Orheiul Vechi

Hermitage in Butuceni

Hermitage in Tipova

Saharna monastery

Tighina fortress

Soroca fortress

Capriana monastery

Rudi monastery

Japca monastery

Noul Neamt monastery

Archeological sites of Moldova

The territory of the Republic of Moldova was inhabited from the most ancient times; the first human settlements appeared here already at the time of early Paleolithic (200 000 - 70 000 yers B.C.) not far from Duruitoarea Veche (Riscani district) and Ofatintzi (Ribnitza district). 

Wooden churches, which are the most exposed to fire, still remained over the territory of the Republic of Moldova (about several dozens). They look in exterior like peasants houses and only some elements of their structure such as a bell-tower make it possible to distinguish them from the village huts and define their purpose. Let name some of them: Saint Archangels Church in Petrusheni (Rishkani district), Saint Michael Church in Tirnova (Dondiusheni district), Saint Nicholas Church in Horodishte (Calarashi district), Virgin's Intercession Church in Palanca (Drochia district).

At the end of XVIIIth century in the architecture of wooden churches the first specific trends of stone structures are noticeable. As distinct from the XVIIth - early XVIIIth centuries the wooden structures of this epoch manifest an expressive influence of stone architecture. Though planimetry follows the previous traditions. the external view of these churches underwent deep changes. Neoclassical Russian style of facades are often. Of them Virgin's Assumption Church in Vorniceni (Calarashi district) and Saint Trinity church in Larga (Briceni district).

Along with churches and monasteries on the territory of Moldova, of particular importance were small and secluded monasteries, hermitages and cloisters cut in a rock on the banks of the Dniester and of the Raut. As a rule, cave monasteries played a special role in a medieval architecture, being both religious and refuge places during the times of adversity. Of them Hermitage in Butuceni (Orhei district), Virgin's Assumption Hermitage in Tipova (Rezina district)


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