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Ciocana - photos of the area and its people on YouTube ("La Ciocana" song by Gindul Mitei rock-band is at the background of this video)

"La Ciocana" russian version of the song and video clip by Gindul Mitei


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Room for rent from Marisha

Need basic accommodation in Chisinau? I can avail you a bed while you make
a 10 EURO contribution to my cause to help me bring you the best of Moldova.

How to reach me

My flat is situated in Ciocana area (pronounced as chalk-car-nar), or if being more precise in Ciocana Noua (New Ciocana) at the northeast of Chisinau. Ciocana is one of the sleeping areas of Chisinau, that may be considered the youngest among others. The whole area raised in early '80s in the period of the so called "stagnation" of the Soviet Union (I am always surprised though how many things were made in this so called stagnation period) and was designed for the workers of our town, mostly, for those working in the industrial part of Chisinau, in Old Ciocana (not sure about the etymology of the word Ciocana, but I suppose it originates from the word "ciocan" that is in translation from Moldovan means "hammer". Very symbolic Soviet name for an industrial area of a town :)))

One of the guests' roomAs you probably imagine all of the buildings look almost the same belonging to the typical colourless-rectilineal-rectangleshaped-architecture with very little personal characteristics of each. It may be hard for a tyro-traveler first time arrived into an ex-Soviet country not to lose his bearings in his first day here:) A good thing is that in comparison with all the other ex-Soviet republics, all the signs on the streets of Chisinau are not in Cyrillic, but in Latin. So even lost one can find his way back "home" :)))

The flat has 2 rooms a little balcony all facing the West that makes it very light with a lot of sun in the first half of the day. It can freely accommodate from 2 to 5 people on different beds and extra 2 on the floor. Apartment's free of charge facilities are the bathroom with 24 hours hot water, washing machine, linen and towel, a well equipped guest kitchen a toaster, oven and fridge and TV with video player (we have movies in English available: Carry on ..., Fawlty Towers, Scum, Transporting, Casino, Star Wars, Dark City, Reservoir Dogs, Catch me if you Can, Groundhog Day, GoodFellas, They Live. Donations of movies in English are highly appreciated!!!). Help and advice, Shopping, Other basic and value accommodation offers also available from me.

I study guitar and know how to play some songs in Russian accompanying myself. Some of my friends also play and it is always fun when we meet together playing and singing. Those of my guests who also play guitar may use mine while here. It's always amassing to hear how different an instrument may sound.

Close to my house:

  • "Alimentara" shop at the corner of the building I live in. Works everyday from 9 am till 9 pm. You may buy bread, cafe, tea bags, milk, bread and other basic food from here;
  • "Farmacie" - the pharmacy or the drug store in the same place with Alimentara;
  • a local pub where you can have your breakfast, dinner and tea cheap and tasty;
  • Energbank with an exchange office on the second floor of the corner building. Works Monday to Friday from 9 am till 5 pm;
  • "Frizerie" which is a local barbershop in the same corner building;
  • minibus stop at the corner of the building I live in with minibuses:
  • "Megapolis Mall" the biggest mall in Moldova at 15 minutes by walk (to be opened by 2008).

#155 going to Telecentru area through Ryshkani area and through the center of the city crossing the main street Stefan cel Mare (about 15 minutes to the downtown);
#105 going to the Central market and to the Central bus station through the downtown;
#166 going to Botanica area and makes a stop at the Train station;
#191 going to Malina area with stops at Gara de Nord bus station, Besarabia market for clothes and shoes, central market and UNIC mall. From UNIC you may take minibus #165 to the airport;
#163 going to Botanica with a stop at Gara de Nord bus station and the Train station;
#140 going to Ryshkani area with stops at Green Hills supermarket, Mc'Donalds and loads of local bars, restaurants and night clubs.

Flag your hand to take the minibus you need. Cost of the ride is 2 Moldovan lei (about 15 american cents).
Money should be passed to the driver from the start. Makes stops only if asked by passengers.

  • bus #5 stop at the corner of the building I live in. This is a big and comfortable bus running to Botanica area through the downtown of Chisinau. 14 stops from my house to the downtown (Stefan cel Mare street). Cost of the ride is 1,25 Moldovan lei (about 10 american cents). Money are collected by the conductor of the bus.
  • trolley's stop on Mircea cel Batrin boulevard. # 24 goes to the State University and Valea Morilor place through the downtown;
  • "Bon Ami" 24 hours supermarket with ATM machine in front on Mircea cel Batrin boulevard at 5 minutes of walk from my house;
  • Local market selling fresh vegetables, fruits, greens from Moldovan peasants and having some small shops for other basic food;
  • Internet cafe "UNREAL" on 21, Mircea cel Batrin boulevard. Loads of computers, fast 24 hours connection, 7 Moldovan lei an hour;
  • Local pubs, restaurants and clubs on Mircea cel Batrin boulevard;
  • Medical center "Sf. Panteleymon" providing dental, cosmetic services, massage, ultrasound, etc.
  • etc.

24 hours supermarket in Chisinau, Ciocana area, Mircea cel batrin bulevard

Internet cafe in Chisinau, Ciocana area, UNREAL 4

10 EURO/bed/night OR 15 EURO/room/night

How to reach me

Moldova, Chisinau
Ciocana [chalk-car-nar] district
street Milescu Spataru 15, ap.108
3-rd floor, the door is in front of the elevator

GPS coordinates of my hostel-like accommodation:

N 47° 03' 01.4''
E 28
° 53' 51.5''
N 47.05040
E 028.8763
N 47° 03.024
E 028° 50.858

If you travel with light luggage you may use the cheapest and very popular way of transport in Chisinau - minibus or maxitaxi. Its price is 2 lei (approx. 20 cents) and you have to pay the fee at the entrance by passing the money to the driver.


Minibus number 166. (Zoologicheskaya str. - bd. Dacia - Train Station - Albisoara str. - Circus - Ryshkani - Pan Com supermarket - Aleco Ruso str. - Bd. M. cel Batrin - P. Zadnipru str - M. Spataru str)

You may catch the minibus at the trolley-bus station - on the exit of the train station go straight and left.

Usual duration of this trip is 30 minutes. Ask the driver to make a stop on M. Spataru intersection with I. Vieru street. My house is on the corner of these streets. The reference point is "Alimentara" (food store), with a bar and a drugstore at the corner of the building.

Cost of taxi may vary from 3 to 5 Euro.


Minibus number 105 . It has a stop at the corner of Bulgara and Columna streets. One quarter left and down with your back to the market. On the map extraction circled number 87 is the bus station and squared number 10 is the minibus stop.

Usual duration of this trip is 20 minutes. Ask the driver to make a stop on M. Spataru intersection with I. Vieru street. My house is on the corner of these streets. The reference point is "Alimentara" (food store), with a bar and a drugstore at the corner of the building.

Cost of taxi may vary from 3 to 5 Euro.

From the "GARA DE NORD" bus station

Minibus number 191 .

Turn left on the exit of the buss station, cross the Ismail street and catch the minibus 191 at the corner.

CAUTION! This is the middle of the minibus's route and there may not be enough space for your backpack in it.

Usual duration of this trip is 25 minutes. Get out at the last stop of the minibus on Igor Vieru street. My house is opposite to the minibus stop and has an "Alimentara" (food store), a bar and a drugstore at its corner. Entrance from the yard.

Cost of taxi may vary from 3 to 5 Euro.

From the AIRPORT

Minibus 165 to Ismail street (last stop) change to minibus number 191 .

The whole trip may take up to 60 minutes and is not the best option when travelling with a big suitcase or backpack. Ismail street is somewhere in the middle of the 191 minibus' route and usually all seating and standing places are unavailable. Please, consider taking a taxi from the airport instead.

Cost of taxi may vary from 10 to 15 Euro.

"Glad I asked for a pick-up from the train station though as I doubt I'd have found my own way to her appartment by Marshrute Taxi - the roads and buildings all look the same - it's hard enough when you've already done the journey before!"
Kevin Gold
December, 04


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