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There is no prophet in his motherland 

Who is Radu Poklitaru, one of ours or not? In fact need little introduction abroad and generally speaking is a very talented guy. In December 2003, the theatrical community of Moscow erupted with emotions. The famous English producer Declan Dunnellon and he was presented in one of the Moscow newspapers, "well known among connoisseurs Moldovan choreographer Radu Poclitaru" showed Moskow "Romeo and Juliet" on the stage of the Bolshoy Theatre. 

"The alliance (some guessed it was a misalliance) of a world famous dramatic producer and a 32 year old choreographer, famous only to ardent ballet lovers, turned out to be a genuine organic one. To analyze what each of the two had actually done is a waste of time. Radu Poklitaru masterly works with the corps de ballet, which rarely leaves the stage: ha can make thirty people almost invisible (like in the scene of the ball, the public's attention is immediately shifted from the vulgarity of mass dancing to passion merging together the main character); he can picture a landscape (like the final scene, where sharp lines of stiffed dancers signify the road of the crypt); he can transform the dancers into darkness of the mind (the squeezing square, in the scene when Juliet becomes sleepy) or into an insurmountable bar on the balcony (in the famous 15 minute scene where the characters declare their love without a single touch)" (Newspaper Kommersant #227 of 15.12.2003)

"In his choreography the elements of classics and everyday gesture, the elements of modern and national dances, one can trace the influence of many choreographers from Kalian to Eifman in his choreography, but it does not look like a disciple's imitation of the masters of modern dance, because everything seen by him in other performances and those made by himself are transformed into a rather distinctive style of his own. It seems to me that it is due to the inner freedom of the choreographer, he looks at the world with the clever irony of a modern person, and no impression of post Soviet style prevails over him". (Daily newspaper Vremia 17/12/2003).

"Some of ballet lovers feeling distressed were indignant, whispering in the darkness "It's disgraceful!" and receiving in return the whisper of the supporters " You do not really understand!", so it seemed sometimes that the public was divided like in Verona into two opposing camps. Though those who talked to our correspondent were among this very ballet's supporters although they were not all advanced ballet experts like Andreis Liepa, "I danced in three famous versions of Romeo and Juliet.  But if I had been offered to participate in this new performance I would gladly have accepted."  (NG December 15, 2003)

On June 13, in National Opera and Ballet House, the performance dedicated to the parents of Radu Poklitaru  - Peaople's artists Ludmila Nedremskaya and Vitaliy Poklitaru took place. The first part: one act ballet "Carmen" and "Bolero" performed by the National Opera and Ballet House dancers, "Three Georgian Songs" performed by the soloists of the ballet group Nadejda Cotiets and Egor Shipaciov. The second part: the ballet group of Minsk Musical Theatre is performing a one act performance "In vivo veritas".  

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