Marisha Vozian-Waters

See you are interested on what I am and what I do? My name is Marina Vozian. My friends call me Marisha, thus Some of them call me Marusea, but the domain with such name have been already taken, so we didn't have much choice :)

I was born and I live in Kishinev or Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. Here I went to school, university and to my jobs. From the 1st to 7th class I studied in a Russian school and in early 90's, when our big Mother land USSR collapsed and Moldova became independent, my parents decided to transfer me to a Moldovan school. Poor child, I had to learn every subject in Moldovan / Romanian from then on. But I was good in my studies, have graduated lyceum with only good marks and was ready for the University. My family (my mum, aunts&uncles, and grandparents) decided to direct me to a faculty where the competition was the smallest and it would be need of less money to pass the entrance exams. Guess what, that was "Tourism and Hotel Services" department.

So, in 1995, I became the student of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, a part of CTS 952 group. Mine and other faces of this well known team you can see on its website . (also, Igor Moraru's blog)

At "working experience" part from my CV I would mention my jobs at Greek consulting company as office manager, than in the Children Charitable Foundation of Mrs Luchinsky, the First Lady of the Republic of Moldova as her secretary and, finally, at Alina Electronic as office manager and then as HR manager.

In 2004 I met Uncle Pasha , who has dramaticaly changed my life, made me to leave a prestigious, but hated office job, opened this website for me and made me a "Moldovan welcoming hostess and girlfriday". Since then I don't stop to make great discoveries of my homeland Moldova, meet new people and enjoy life.

I am married to Kris Waters and we have a beautiful baby girl Lisa Kristina. Kris is from Manchester, UK, but he loves Moldova and is learning Russian language. Lisa is just a little nice girl that brings joy into our life.

My personal mission is to help my native Moldova achieve its full potential as the ultimate destination for relaxed un-touristy travel. I also believe Moldova has most prerequisites to be an economic success.

As my contribution to making my country open and friendly to foreign visitors I will answer your questions related to Moldovan travel and business.

I will even venture, if asked, to issue advice to the best of my ability based on 29 years of active living and a diploma in travel and tourism. And yes, this will be entirely free as a public service.

Need a number looked up? A call made on your behalf? A message forwarded? I will do little favors for free, and bigger ones for a very reasonable contribution to my cause.

Share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, or special needs, and together we'll come up with a solution.



Please note: is not to be confused with x-rated or dedicated to ugly hairless cats in St. Petersburg, Russia - a monstrosity of a city build over the bones of at least 100 thousand peasants who died during its construction in the first few years of the 18th century (see to take some of the glamour out of your tourist-brochure image of the city)