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Monasteries of Moldova









 Rural Moldova

“Moldova Rurala” joins hostess from rural aria of Moldova and allows you to 'roam' the picturesque places of Moldova, to get an insight into the historic culture and current customs, traditions and rural way of life.

The villages that participate in my project are situated in very picturesque places, rich in traditions related to folkloric, artisan, winery.

You will be able to learn Moldavian handcraft, participate in production of them, and buy local Moldavian souvenirs.  

Besides these activities you will live in villages located in special landscape locations near forests, monasteries, hills, and other beautiful locations. Here you will have possibility to have a calm rest.

And the most attractive thing is that you will live in villages specialized in fishing, cheese and wine production. You will have possibility to fish in a local style, graze ship and cows and learn how to make local national cheese, participate in collection of grapes and production of Moldavian wine.



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