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Hermitage in Tipova

The monastic structure of Tipova is situated near the village of Tipova and is hewn in a rock of about 100 m height.

Built in the XVIth - XVIIth centuries, the cave monastery is a complex architectural ensemble consisting of numerous premises made in three levels.

The most ancient part of the monastery is situated on the northern plot and consists of nineteen caves on the same level as the cells, the refectory and the church. There is only one narrow path leading to the caves which are interconnected by a system of terraces, steep open galleries and subterranean passages hewn in the rock. 

The last part of the monastery was built in 1756 and differs from the older one by a pronounced geometrical configuration. 

The annexes are located on the first level; on the second there are three cells, while on the third there is a bell tower with six other cells and a church.

The church layout is traditionaly divided into three parts - narthex, naos and apse; the narthex is separated from the naos by columns while the naos is separated from the apse by a triple arcade. The naos ceiling imitates a vault. Previously there was an iconostasis in the church with five rows of icons painted in the XVIIIth - XIXth centuries. In the first half of the XIXth century the monastery was reconstructed. The demolished walls were restored and an external gallery supported by wooden posts was built.      


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