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*** New!!! Holidays at the countryside in the family of my cousin in Transdniestr!






Transnistrian countryside


Radio PMR,Tiraspol is transmitted on shortwave to listener in Europe and North America. They broadcast at 4. pm GMT on the frequency of 5910 khz shortwave 49 meter band.



"I did not find Trans-Dneistr to be backward as described in many places - eg Lonely Planet. It's very clean and transport etc seems to be very efficient. There's a brand new sports stadium and the train station in Tiraspol has just been refurbished! I was pleasantly surprised. I would compare the feeling of being there with it being in Minsk (if that helps anyone!) Who said communism doesnt work???!" by Kevin Gold, December 2004

the capital of Transdniestr


Medals of the city

Flag of Transdniestr

Welcomed note
Medals of Tiraspol city
Flag of Transdniestr Republic. This was the flag of Moldavia during the Soviet period
"The capital of PMR (Transdniestr Moldovan Republic) Tiraspol welcomes You"
Administration of president Smirnov
Very close to Odessa Government & presidency Monument to Suvorov 25 October street
There are 102 km from Tiraspol to Odessa Office of the Transdniestrian administration and president Smirnov A. Suvorov the count of Russian Empire founded Tiraspol in 1792 Central street of Tiraspol - 25th of October
In memory of Afgan heros
Alley of central park
Central park
Dniestr river
Memorial to Transdniestrian soldiers that took part in Afghan War, 1918 - 1978
Alley of the central park
Central park of Tiraspol on the bank of the river Dniestr
View of the Dniestr
from the bridge
honor board
Radio PMR
"Dom Sovetov" - the Parliament of Transdniestr
Honored residents of Transdniestr
Tank on pedestal in the center of the city
The office of Transdnistrian radio - Radio PMR
theatre New church   Train station
Theater Pokrovskaya church. Built recently and very close to the central market   Rail station and bus station.
Busses and minibuses from Chisinau arrives here.

REGISTRATION IN TIRASPOL for foreign citizens who plan to stay in the country for more than one day must be done within 24 hours from the crossing of the border at the Migration Office situated in the downtown on Kotovskiy street 2/A. They work every day from 9 am till 5 pm, lunch time from 12 am till 1 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays.
You may make your registration at the Police office of the city at Roza Luxemburg, 66 street if came in days or hours-off of the Migration office, but it is requested that you reconfirm your registration at the Migration Office next day.
For information, please, call the Migration office (+373 533) 7-90-83.

BUSES TO TIRASPOL AND BENDER depart from the Central Bus station in Chisinau every 30-45 minutes. Cost of the ticket one way is about 2 USD. The trip to Tiraspol takes 1 hour and a half stopping at the border after 1 hour of journey.

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