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The apartment block 8 is situated at the very beginning of Albisoara street and at a walking distance from the Train Station in Chisinau. The red step path shows you the way from the train station. It is better to access the apartment block from the side of D. Cantemir street. After roundabout cross the street on the lights and walk pass a high building in construction and Green Hills Nistru supermarket. The apartment block is behind the supermarket.

FROM THE TRAIN STATION : walk as it's only 5 minutes to the flat.

FROM THE CENTRAL BUS STATION/GARA CENTRALA: walk on Stefan cel Mare boulevard towards the Train Station. At the end of Negruzzi boulevard turn left and cross D. Cantemir street at the lights. Pass by the Green Hills Nistru supermarket. The apartment block is behind it.

FROM THE NORTH BUS STATION / GARA DE NORD : walk on Ismail street over the bridge and left into D Cantemir street or take minibus 163 or any other in the direction to the Train Station.

FROM THE SOUTH BUS STATION / GARA DE SUD : direct minibus 117 goes from Gara de Sud, on Gagarin street pass the Train Station and on D. Cantemir street pass Green Hills Nistru and our apartment block

FROM THE AIRPORT / AEROPORT CHISINAU : minibus #165 to the Train Station and then follow the directions above.


You will pass these on your way to our apartment block from the Train Station:

"GARA DE TREN" Chisinau Train Station building with a lovely alley "Allea Garii" in its front. You will come toward Gagarin street when you walk out of the building of the Train station and through the alley. Our apartment blick and the center of the city will be on your right (with the train station building behind)



Walk on Gagarin street to the round about. Hotel COSMOS and GRAND HALL mall will be on your left and a high building in construction on your right. D. Cantemir street is in between them two. Cross the lights and walk towards and pass the building in construction along the D Cantemir street.


Green Hills Nistru supermarket will be next on your right. Pass the supermarket and its parking. At the end of the car parking you will see a long passage with aluminium wall on along it. Walking through this passage will bring you to our apartment block. Please, note that the entrance door is locked most of the time and it is better if we meet you at the train station or you tell us the time of your arrival to the flat, so we can come down and collect you.

We can meet you at the train/bus station and walk you to the flat when you arrive.

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